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DUST Adventures


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Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome


Welcome to a relaxed Sunday morning where we get stuck into a whole bunch of new miniatures that caught our attention over the week and talk Hobby Time too...

Undertake Operation Apocalypse In Modiphius’ DUST Adventures


Modiphius have put together a new sourcebook and expansion to their DUST Adventures range called Operation Apocalypse which takes the fighting to a new theatre of war. Will you be thwarting the enemies plans in this big adventure for the weird world of DUST?

Adventure In Achtung! Cthulhu & DUST With New Books By Modiphius


Some great new role-playing adventures lay ahead of you with Modiphius releasing the new sourcebook for Achtung! Cthulhu known as Shadows Of Atlantis and the DUST Adventures RPG Core Book. There's plenty to get stuck into...

DUST Adventures RPG Gets An Awesome Piece Of Cover Art!


Take a look at the great piece of artwork from Modiphius for the DUST Adventures RPG. It certainly sets the scene for the upcoming Weird World War adventure!

Pre-order Dust Adventures RPG Now!


Modiphius Entertainment has let it be known if you pre-order the soon to be released DUST Adventures RPG by January 31st you will a pdf copy of the first campaign book OPERATION: APOCALYPSE for free.

Weekender XLBS: DUST Adventures & Custom Hero Forge Minis!


Happy Sunday! Another Merry Christmas from us as we sit down for this Weekender XLBS!

Modiphius’ DUST Adventures Now On Pre-Order!


DUST Adventures is now up for pre-order over on the Modiphius website so if you're aching for more Weird World War role-playing action then you might want to check this out.

Remy Tremblay Shows Sculpts For Sedition Wars & Dust


What do you make of these models by Remy Tremblay for the worlds of Dust and Sedition Wars?

Explore The World of DUST In A New Way With Modiphius


Discover more about the artwork and background to Modiphius' DUST Adventures! I love a bit of role-playing and Weird World War goings on so this should be awesome!

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