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Elder Sign



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Fantasy Flight Take Elder Sign To R’lyeh In New Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games are preparing to come out with a new expansion that will take the cooperative dice game Elder Sign away from the confines of a museum and too the depths of the pacific. Are you prepared for Omens of the Deep?

Organise Your Elder Sign at Kickstarter


We all know that feeling of frustration when, upon opening a board game box,we find its contents have become a jumbled mess. Now a Kickstarter has been set up to provide you with a cool case to help keep your copy of Fantasy Flight Games' Elder Sign organised.

Continue Your Cthulhuoid Investigations in Elder Sign’s New Expansion


A new preview has appeared from Fantasy Flight Games for a new expansion for the great Lovecraftian dice game Elder Sign. Prepare to deal with Unseen Forces.

Fantasy Flight Add the Terror of Ithaqua to Elder Signs Omens


Fantasy Flight have announced that an expansion to their game Elder Signs Omens is coming to your iPhone, iPad and now to Android as well. Dare you start down the Trail of Ithaqua?

Tabletop Episode 11: Elder Sign!


Wil Wheaton takes Felicia Day, Bill Prady and Mike Morhaime through an occult adventure in Elder Sign!

Gaming on the Go: Games


Last time when I looked at the various iPhone apps which are available for us hobbyists I discussed the two of what I call supplementary apps, but for those of you who can't bare to part with your beloved games even when travelling then be not afraid for there are apps available which are games in their own right and here are just two of them.

Fantasy Flight Take Elder Signs Digital


Good news to all you Cthulhu devotees, Fantasy Flight Games are now releasing their Lovecraftian dice game Elder Signs in a new digital format.

Elder Sign… the Video!


Take a look at the latest video from Fantasy Flight Games of their recent Cthulhu mythos game... Elder Sign...

Fantasy Flight Announce New Cthulhu Dice Game


From the twisted minds which first brought forth Arkham Horror comes a new Cthulhu based game of supernatural intrigue and terror, Elder Sign!

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