Organise Your Elder Sign at Kickstarter

August 29, 2013 by dracs

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We all know that feeling of frustration when, upon opening a board game box,we find its contents have become a jumbled mess. Now a Kickstarter has been set up to provide you with a cool case to help keep your copy of Fantasy Flight Games' Elder Sign organised.

Elder Sign Storage Set

Elder Sign is a game with a lot of components. Cards, markers dice, all can easily get jumbled together and make playing a pain. This Kickstarter, which has proven to be very successful in gaining funds, will provide a ready to play storage system, keeping all the bits and pieces organised with dedicated trays.

Elder Sign Storage Trays

These have been designed to fit neatly in to either the original box or a dedicated storage case.

Elder Sign Storage Set Original Box

Elder Sign Storage Box

Now we gamers are stereotypically rather an untidy group, but sets like these are both practical in terms of storage and gaming, making the gaming experience itself easier and smoother.

Will you be heading over to this Kickstarter? Are there any other boardgames which you would like to see dedicated storage sets for?

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