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The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!


Hey guys and welcome to another Weekender! This time around we have actually got a hold of the new Lizardmen models and we are having a look at them! As well as that you might have noticed we have some different jungle fighting coming in the shape of 'Nam Week.

Watchtower Games’ Fallen Now Funded


Check out some more awesome art and a neat little augmented reality trick for the card game of Fallen.

Fallen Designer Diary 4: The Shadow Track & Now On Kickstarter!


Another Designer Diary by Watchtower Games looks into the Shadow Track in the world of Fallen!

Explore More Of Fallen With An Epic Introduction Video


Check out this overview video for the card game, Fallen which is looking incredibly awesome. I think this might be right up there on my 'to watch' list.

Fallen Designer Diary III: Challenges Of The Dungeon


Check out another designer diary that looks at the challenges that you'll be facing in the world of Fallen from Watchtower Games. Will you be the Hero or the Dungeon Lord?

Explore More Of Fallen With New Designer Diary


Check out the second Designer Diary for Fallen by Watchtower Games. This one looks like it's going to be fun!

Watchtower Games Preview Their New Project, Fallen


Check out some preview details of Fallen, a new dungeon delving card game that could be very special indeed!

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