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Community Spotlight: The Wild West, Jensen’s Bust & Wonderful Flintloque Miniatures


In this week's Community Spotlight, we take a look at some stunning Wild West Terrain, a big ol' Bust and a trip into the weird world of Flintloque.

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Irregular Magazine Issue 8 2011


Irregular Magazine Issue 7 2011


Obidiah’s Army Returns To Fantasy World Of Flintloque


Alternative Armies has re-released some of their sets of classic miniatures for the world of Flintloque. If you're into the weird and wonderful then these might have already popped up on your radar.

Alternative Armies Has Let the Kitton Out Of The Bag


Alternative Armies have just released the first of a new range of miniatures for the World of Valon, the Kitton.

Alternative Armies Is Going To The Dogs With The Rache Carabiniers


Alternative Armies has a new set out for Flintloque, Rache Carabiniers.

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