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Fragged Empire


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Fragged Head To The High Seas With A Pirate RPG!


The minds behind Fragged Empire have shown off a preview for their previously unrevealed pirate role-playing game called Fragged Seas...

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Sit back and relax with us this Sunday as we talk about what we've been up to gaming-wise and what the wider world has to offer!

Fragged Empire’s Protagonist Archive Kickstarter Begins


Fragged Empire have now appeared on Kickstarter with their new project to bring the Protagonist Archive to life. We've been talking about this for a while now and showing off the previews - now the time is finally here.

Fragged Empire Reveal More Heroes For The Protagonist Archive


Fragged Empire are closing in on their Kickstarter for the Protagonist Archive and with that in mind they have shown off two more additions for their amazingly well realised Sci-Fi world.

Maximus Strides Heroically Into The World Of Fragged Empire


Adding to their Protagonist Archive collection which will soon be on Kickstarter the folks behind Fragged Empire have shown off another miniature, Ares "Maximus" Vespillo.

Fragged Empire Bring New Protagonists To Kickstarter Soon


Fragged Empire will be back on Kickstarter in April looking to fund a new book called the Protagonist Archive. This introduces four new races, lots of new information on the setting, traits and more...

Grab Fragged Empire’s Rachel Swagger This February


The Fragged Empire crew might have sold out of their Limited Edition Rachel Swagger model for this month but the pre-orders have now opened for February. See what you think of the poster girl for their RPG...

Community Members Interview Fragged Empire Creator!


Check out this hour long interview with one of the creative minds behind Fragged Empire by community members Wildchevy and Rocketyeti!

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