Community Members Interview Fragged Empire Creator!

July 22, 2014 by brennon

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Wildchevy and Rocketyeti have sat down for an awesome interview with Fragged Empire creative mind Wade Dyer! See what you think of the video above and the Kickstarter campaign too! It's going great guns and should be an awesome role-playing game.

Fragged Empire Header

Fragged Empire Art #1

Fragged Empire Art #2

Fragged Empire sees you playing as part of a civilization that has been through a sci-fi post apocalyptic maelstrom and just now are you heading back out into the far reaches of spaces to explore, fight and expand your horizons. The rules seem clear and easy to follow and the artwork is brilliant as you can see above. No expense spared there!

Fragged Empire Miniature

There's always the chance that there might be some miniatures out there in the future too and as wargames as well as role-playing fans we do enjoy a good miniature or two to simply have on the tabletop in front of us while we act. I know I paint up miniatures even for just minds eye role-plays!

See what you think of the interview, watch it over your lunch break, and then let us know what you think of Fragged Empire!

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