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Golem Arcana


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Golem Arcana Is Ending Production Announces Harebrained Schemes


Some sad news coming from Harebrained Schemes the creators of Golem Arcana.

Two New Titanic Constructs Now Available For Golem Arcana


Harebrained Schemes have added two new massive constructs to their game, Golem Arcana. These were previously available through some stores but you can now get them online. See what you think of the Urugal Ashmogh Colossus and the Gudanna Sun Viper...

Two New Sets On The Way For Golem Arcana


Golem Arcana is getting two new sets soon released through November of this year and February of 2016. The two sets are the Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Land and Champions of the Western Wind.

The Cabal Of The Onyx Cliffs Comes To Golem Arcana


Harebrained Schemes have been showing off another of the new sets coming to Golem Arcana with the Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs. See what you think of these towering beasts...

Golem Arcana Tokens Now Available Internationally


Harebrained Schemes has helped out their players in Canada and Europe by offering these custom tokens sets to those outside the United States.

The Titanic Rangers Of The Oath Stomp Into Golem Arcana


Stomp into combat with some new mighty constructs for Harebrained Schemes' Golem Arcana. This time it's the Rangers of the Oath which you can get a closer look at within.

Coming Soon, Golem Arcana App To Get An Upgrade


Golem Arcane the miniatures game from Harebrained Schemes is getting an update.

The Scions of Honor March Into Golem Arcana


New Golems have arrived for the world of Golem Arcana. The Scions of Honor bring some great new abilities in both synergies as well as secondary bonuses on missed opportunities!

Keep Your Golem Arcana Mini’s Safe in Battle Foam


Build a custom storage tray for your Golem Arcana mini's with Battle Foam's customizable options. Choose the mini's you have and configure your tray any way you like.

Your Golem Arcana Game Just Got an Update!


The beauty of technology is the ability to update things with the flip of a switch, or in this case, logging in. Golem Arcana has just released their first digital update for their revolutionary game and it'll be at the ready the next time you log into your game app.

Golem Arcana A New Gateway Game? Tabletop Minions Finds Out!


Adam Loper of Tabletop Minions takes a look inside the workings of Golem Arcana and finds out if it's really the neat gateway game we've been looking for.

Golem Arcana Launch Approaching Quickly!


See what you think of the world of Golem Arcana as it nears both it's retail release and indeed goes out to all those backers on Kickstarter.

See Golem Arcana In Action Live On!


See what you think of the game played live on soon!

Golem Arcana Hits Kickstarter With A Fantastic Gaming Idea


You heard us mention it on The Weekender and now Golem Arcana has burst out onto Kickstarter. Now THIS is a game that has our attention!

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