Keep Your Golem Arcana Mini’s Safe in Battle Foam

September 15, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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If you have gotten into Golem Arcana, as we have, perhaps you find yourself uttering some choice words (as I often do!) as you try to take the mini's in and out of the plastic storage mold they come in within the box? Don't get me wrong, they are nice and secure in there and it's nice to have them safely tucked away in the box- but you shouldn't have to fight with them to the point of concern over breaking them as you take them in and out for games. Thankfully, Battle Foam has an answer.

Battle Foam has Golem Arcana shape options available in their custom tray section, so you can choose which pieces you have and need storage for and set your tray up to fit them nicely.

Golem Arcana Box

Here's an example of a tray that would accommodate the miniatures that come in the basic box set.

Battle Foam Golem Arcana

Yes, I realize that this would cost money to store them this way, but it's either money to store them safely for ease of use, or money to replace mini's when my temper gets the best of me when fighting to take them out or put them away. As you can see, there is plenty of room on the tray for other pieces as well if you configure the tray differently- so you can get your add ons in this tray as well.

Will you be building your custom tray?

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