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Heavy Gear: Arena


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Dream Pod 9 Provide Some Air Support With Peregrine Gunships


Dream Pod 9 have left the Heavy Gears behind for a moment and instead are focusing on the Peregrine Gunships for the CEF faction within the game. You can see what they look like both assembled and 'exploded' in component form...

New Leopard Gear Spotted For Dream Pod’s Heavy Gear


A new Leopard Mountaineer Gear has been spotted all painted up by Dream Pod 9's Phil who does a lot of their sculpting. You can see two different variants on the Leopard here with optional weapon load outs...

Northern Grizzly & Kodiak Get Previewed For Dream Pod’s Heavy Gear


Some more big chunky gears have been created for the world of Heavy Gear. See what you think of Dream Pod 9's Northern Grizzly and Kodiak which have gone through a bit of a revamp for the backers...

New Heavy Gears Previewed By Dream Pod 9


Dream Pod 9 Have been showing off some more of the 3D work going into their Heavy Gears. Not only have they had a look at the Northern Tiger but also another pair in the form of the Spitting Cobra and King Cobra...

Snap Up Heavy Gears’ Exclusive Chieftain IV At Gen Con 2013


See what you think of the exclusive miniature for Gen Con week with Heavy Gear Blitz! Is this one for you?

Stompy Bot Talk Heavy Gear Assault Gametypes


Check out the latest update from Stompy Bot about the Heavy Gear Arena video game and the different ways in which you can play it. See what you think...

Heavy Gear Assault From Stompy Bot Hits Kickstarter!


Check out Stompy Bot's exploration of the Heavy Gear world with their new video game on Kickstarter, Heavy Gear Arena!

Grab New May Releases For Heavy Gear From Dream Pod 9


Check out a whole host of new Heavy Gear miniatures from Dream Pod 9. See what you think of them and chose your favourite to comment about below!

Win Big With Dream Pod 9’s Golden Gear Painting Contest!


If you're a painting master then maybe you'll consider going in for the Golden Gear painting competition?

Gen Con 2012 Plays Host to a Heavy Gear Exclusive Miniature


Will you be picking one of these Heavy Gear exclusive miniatures up at Gen Con?

Buy a Heavy Gear Starter Set & you could win a Starter Army


Backstage members that buy either the Heavy Gear Blitz or Arena Starter Set, and enter the voucher code inside will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the Heavy Gear Army Sets worth £72.95.

Some Heavy Duty Engineering from Dream Pod 9


Dream Pod 9 reveal a rather massive Sapeur Heavy Engineering Gear for the NuCoal faction!

Check Out the Barnaby Transport and Chargeur Engineering Gear!


If your looking to transport your Gears to war or you want something to dig you some fortifications.. then check out the Barnaby and Chargeur... new for Heavy Gear!

That’ll be One Big Scratching Post! It’s the Heavy Gear Wildcat


Darrell looks at the Wildcat for Heavy Gear: Arena... but don't worry, you can use it in Heavy Gear: Blitz too.

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