New Leopard Gear Spotted For Dream Pod’s Heavy Gear

October 22, 2015 by brennon

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A new Leopard Mountaineer Gear has been spotted all painted up by Dream Pod 9's Phil who does a lot of their sculpting. You can see two different variants on the Leopard here with optional weapon load outs...

Leopard Mountaineering Gear

The front facing Leopard is armed to the teeth with a medium autocannon and grenade launcher alongside a rocket pack. The rear facing Leopard on the other hand features the Gears climbing equipment as well as a combination of frag cannons and flamers with a rotary laser cannon.

This is certainly a very professional looking Gear and I think the climbing variant of it with the open hands and array of special weapons would be more up my street. The painting is also fantastic.

What do you think of this Gear?

"This is certainly a very professional looking Gear..."

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