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Catalyst Games Lab Take Leviathans into the Clouds


Leviathans, the game of steampunk ariel combat between mighty ships of the sky, has had some new optional rules released by Catalyst Game Labs, so now your captains will have to take issue of elevations and clouds into consideration when forming their tactics.

Catalyst & Hyper Hippo Go Digital With Leviathans Online!


The Leviathans tabletop game is going digital with a massive Kickstarter starting on the 28th of November! Get your wallets ready!

Amazing Value: Leviathans for only £50 – Save £29.99!


To claim an additional discount on this Leviathans - Core Boxed Set use the code in the box above! Today we're blown away with the deal we can bring to you guys. Backstagers can pick up this super boxed set for […]

Catalyst Games Labs Talk Leviathans at Gen Con 2012


Catalyst Game Labs tell us about the success of Leviathans and what they're planning next.

Look to the Skies… Leviathans is Finally Here!!!


Sam & Darrell take a look at the new monster boxed set for the brand new game of flying steampunk battleships... Leviathans!

Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs


Adam visits the Catalyst Game Labs booth to get some info on Leviathans: Monsters in the Sky.

New Sprues For Leviathans


Catalyst Game Labs have put up a photo of the sprues for the six minis to be found in their up coming sore box set for Leviathans!

New Leviathans Download and Competition


A bumper update to news about Leviathans... downloads... a competition and more!

New Leviathans News!

11 years ago 9

Catch the latest news on Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs here!

Leviathans Test Firing!


They're here!!! The first look at the plastic Leviathan models... hurrah... the Gods of Steampunk be praised!!!

Leviathans on the Horizon!


Catalyst Game Labs have released pictures of the first injection molds for their Leviathans miniatures!

Battle as Warlords of the Air… in Leviathans!


Take to the skies in giant, steampunk, flying battleships... it's Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs

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