Battle as Warlords of the Air… in Leviathans!

March 25, 2011 by beerogre

Catalyst Game Labs not only publishes the mech-tastic 25th Anniversary Edition of Battletech and the cyberpunk epic Shadowrun, but they are working on another game... a tabletop battle game... Leviathans!

If any of you are fans of steampunk (I'm guilty as charged) or have read Michael Moorcock's great book Warlords of the Air, you'll be familiar with the concept of flying battleships... and that's what we've got here...

While the game is published and you can buy it on PDF direct from Catalyst Game Labs, they don't yet have a miniatures line to go with the game. However, I'm pleased to report that they are well on their way to solving that problem.

These are some 3D renders of the latest design of Leviathan, due to be part of the forthcoming starter box set.

We at Beasts of War are pretty excited by this game and we hope to get a copy to demonstrate to you guys. When the full copy is released.

BoW Andy

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