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D&D Fuses With Board Game Monopoly In New Version


As I write this, I can already feel the pain from Gerry, as he finds out that not only do some people combine miniatures with their D&D campaigns but that people can go on a quest on a familiar board. Bringing together the family game that causes havoc and arguments with the age-old role-playing adventure. Yes, Monopoly is getting an adventurous reskin with changes to appeal to the everyday roleplayer. 

Hasbro Got Us Triggered AF In Monopoly For Millennials


"Forget real estate. You can't afford it anyway." That's the tagline for the latest Monopoly theme that is set to be more popular than gluten-free sourdough at a vegan arts festival.

Fortnite Finds Its Way Into The World Of Monopoly


The online phenomenon, Fortnite, has found its way to Monopoly...because, why not right?

Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000 Is Now A Thing…Grimdark Banking At Its Finest


We didn't need it, and I'm fairly sure no one asked for it, but Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000 is now a thing. 

Thought Monopoly Was Cut Throat? Try the Game of Thrones Version!


That's right people, the board game responsible for more family fall outs than... well Game of Thrones, is getting a new Westeros variant as players vie for the Iron Throne through tricks and trade.

Own Hyrule & Play For Hours With Legend of Zelda Monopoly


See what the new Monopoly Board Game looks like with the neat twist that it's all about The Legend of Zelda.

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