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Rum & Bones


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CMON’s Rum & Bones Second Tide Is Complete But It’s Not Too Late To Join!


Cool Mini or Not's (CMON) latest Kickstarter has come to an end, but do not despair if you missed out as there is still time to get in and make a pledge to get all the lovely goodness!

Dawn & Gianna Are Heading To Atlanta For CoolMiniOrNot Expo


Dawn & Gianna will soon be off to Live Blog from yet another convention! Follow along with the girls as they explore CoolMiniOrNot Expo, May 6-8th in Atlanta, Georgia.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!


We're a bit knackered after Salute but we're still here to share some tabletop gaming goodness with you all!

CMoN’s Rum & Bones Kickstarter Second Tide Has Some Ork Love


Cool Mini or Not's second Kickstarter for Rum and Bones called The Second Tide is sailing along nicely and they have now released some new information about a new mercenary faction.

CMON’s Rum & Bones: Second Tide Is Sailing Straight On Kickstarter


CoolMiniOrNot are back on Kickstarter with their latest project for Rum & Bones. Second Tide adds more characters, more craziness and a whole lot more besides to their Fantastical swashbuckling adventures on the high seas.

Set Sails For The Rum & Bones Second Tide Kickstarter


More pirates are heading our way April 11th, as CoolMiniOrNot launch their followup, standalone Kickstarter- Rum & Bones: Second Tide. Loaded with new pirates, new ships and revamped rules, this game promises to deliver even more adventure on the high seas.

Captain Carcharius Soon To Join The Ranks In The Rum & Bones KS


CoolMiniOrNot is slowly giving us a look at the new faces we can expect in their upcoming expansion project for Rum & Bones: Second Tide. The Kickstarter is coming in April and brings with it Captain Carcharius and Viana to even more character to this swashbuckling tabletop success.

Meet Rum & Bones Second Tide’s Alchemist, Gabriela


Rum & Bones is going to be on Kickstarter again soon with Second Tide and that means more characters and swashbucklers. First off we're showing the artwork for Gabriela, the Alchemist Queen.

Rum & Bones Second Tide Kickstarter Coming In April


April will be bringing more adventure on the high seas from CoolMiniOrNot for Rum & Bones. They're launching the Rum & Bones Second Tide Kickstarter with more factions and more fun for boardgamers.

Have A Piratical Valentine’s Day Miss Mags By CMON


CoolMiniOrNot have created a special limited edition version of Miss Mags from Rum & Bones for you to give to your significant other on Valentine's Day this year. She's gone all cupid and wants to put lovers together - or make sure she can rob from their wedding and steal off with the booty...

Have A Very Piratey Christmas With Rum And Bones


Cool Mini or Not's pirate game Rum and Bones has a special holiday miniature for a limited time.

CMON’s Mazu’s Dreadful Curse Expansion For Rum & Bones Drops Oct 24th


CoolMiniOrNot will soon be bringing even more adventure to the high seas with their first expansion for Rum & Bones. Mazu's Dreadful Curse will add even more variety to this already fantastic, swash-buckling, board game.

See How The Piratical Heroes Are Shaping Up For Rum & Bones


See what you think of the production proof miniatures that will form the bulk of your Rum & Bones experience coming soon.

A New Faction is Available for Rum & Bones Kickstarter!


CoolMiniOrNot are pulling out all the stops with their add on faction, Mazu's Dreadful Curse, for their Rum & Bones Kickstarter. This band of pirates are from the Far East and are full of surprises!

Commandeer a Pirate Ship in CMON’s Rum & Bones!


"Prepare to be boarded" will be the call being made by aspiring pirates everywhere with the launch of the Rum & Bones Kickstarter from CoolMiniOrNot! This board game is full of awesome minis and loot and is sure to have some great stretch goals along the way!

Take Aim in Rum and Bones as Blackout Bart’s Stats Get Previewed


Blackout Bart, the drunken old gunner of the piratical game Rum and Bones, may be a sop when it comes to the grog, but as his newly previewed stat card shows he more than knows his way around firearms.

Check Out The Character Sheets And Cover Of Rum & Bones


Check out more artwork for Rum & Bones and a run down of both the stats on their hero and villain cards alongside a neat snippet of the overall gameplay!

A Shambling Oddity Joins The Rum & Bones Crew


Check out another addition to the Rum & Bones crew with Patchwork Porter who has certainly taken 'being one with the ship' to another level.

A Swashbuckling Mad Ivan Revealed For Rum & Bones


Take to the high seas with another pirate joining the crew of Captain Pale. See what you think of the deadly Mad Ivan!

Stumper Pete Hobbles Into The World Of Rum & Bones


Another crew member has popped up for Rum & Bones and this time it's the dull thud of Stumper Pete sounding on the wharf!

Ghosteye Gunther Joins The Rum & Bones Undead Crew!


The ghostly pirate world of Rum & Bones gets all the more cool with the coming of Ghosteye Gunther to the ranks of the undead. Quite the awesome miniature!

Rum & Bones Put Blackout Bart In Charge Of The Cannons!


Rume & Bones continue with the cool miniature previews and show off Blackout Bart who is clearly the best at dealing with large amounts of explosives.

Welcome A Ghostly Addition To The Rum & Bones Crew


Rum & Bones has the very manifestation of death stalking its decks. See what you think of The Spectre in both artwork and miniatures form.

The Captain Calls You On Deck For Rum & Bones!


Rum & Bones has another preview for you to check out and this time it's captain on deck with the deadly Captain Pale!

Rum & Bones Continue To Add To Their Crew With Little Tom!


Rum & Bones sees another character enter the fray for their crew of the undead. See what you think of Little Tom!

Rum & Bones’ Miss Mags Model Revealed [Updated!]


Rum & Bones are still previewing the characters for their upcoming board game reboot and this time it's Margaret Hale!

Captain Albrecht Takes Command In Rum & Bones Preview!


Take to the high seas with a range of different pirates starting with the undead terror of the seas, Captain Albrecht!

Rum & Bones Rides The High Seas With CoolMiniOrNot


Rum & Bones is taking to the high seas with the backing of CoolMiniOrNot it seems and will take the form of a MOBA style board game!

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