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Soldiers Of God


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Serve The Empire In New Game, Soldiers Of Rome


Warwick Kinrade has returned to ancient history for his latest rule set, Soldiers of Rome. Using the Soldiers of God, as a basis for the system Soldiers of Rome expands the two lists in the crusades to three in this book. While this may not seen like a lot the focus on Soldiers of Rome

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben and Lance as they dip their toes into some community hobby.

Battle During The Crusades With New Soldiers Of God Rules


Gripping Beast have added a new rules set to their webstore which would allow you to take your warbands from The Crescent & The Cross and use them in bigger battles. They seem to really love Soldiers Of God by Warwick Kinrade so let us know if you've played it too...

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