Battle During The Crusades With New Soldiers Of God Rules

July 27, 2015 by brennon

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Gripping Beast have added a new rules set to their webstore which would allow you to take your warbands from The Crescent & The Cross and use them in bigger battles. They seem to really love Soldiers Of God by Warwick Kinrade so let us know if you've played it too...

Soldiers Of God (Cover)

The game focuses on those larger battles during the Crusades and utilises a deck of action cards which not only keep the turn sequence flowing but also bring the game to life. We're always big fans of a game where you get to use something other than the standard rulebook and dice to play.

Soldiers of God (Inside)

Soldiers Of God (Stats)

The rulebook itself is a glossy A5 sized affair packed with some very nice miniature photography and a look which is reminiscent of a Bible. You also get the cards with the book so you won't be searching around trying to find them. I think this looks like a nice natural extension of the SAGA format.

If Gripping Beast themselves are applauding it then it must be worth a punt!

Have you give this a go?

"I think this looks like a nice natural extension of the SAGA format..."

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