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Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse


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Art Direction


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It's OTT Weekender time! Do you miss the classic Gorkamorka? Well, the free miniature wargame Modulorka from Mr Modulork looks to hit all of those awesome Oldhammer Warhammer 40K vibes and more. It might even be better than the classic Games Workshop Gorkamorka!

Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse; Quirky New Wargame Now On Kickstarter!


Gerry talks to Michael Love from Bad Goblin Games about their quirky new wargame which is now on Kickstarter. Learn more about Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse where you fight to survive in a wild world!

Clash In Bad Goblin’s Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse!


Fancy diving into a brand new Post-Apocalyptic wargame with a bit of a twist? Check out the fun Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse from the folks at Bad Goblin Games which is now available for you to check out on Kickstarter.

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