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Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: The Best Game Games Workshop Ever Produced?


Ben puts forth the argument that the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop is the best game (rules, miniatures and all!) that they have ever produced.

The Forces of Mordor Grow! New War of the Rings Releases


Here are a few sneak peaks at some of the cool Lord of the Rings models due out this February from Games Workshop.

More Finecast Lord of the Rings from Games Workshop


Plenty of existing LotR's models have been converted into Finecast for December!

What’s In The Box: Morgul Knights | Lord of the Rings


Unboxing: John takes a look over the Morgul knights model kit for Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop.

What’s In The Box: Knights of Dol Amroth | Lord of the Rings


Unboxing: John has a look at the plastic kit or the Knights of Dol Amroth from the Lord of the Rings range.

Build: Mumak of Harad


John helps to break Minas Tirith by building up the Mumak of Harad

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