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Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?


Welcome Backstage to check out some great Kickstarters and delve into a load of hobby that we've been getting stuck into this week...

Ghetto Miniatures Close In On Last Three Days On Kickstarter


Ghetto Miniatures are closing in on their Kickstarter stretch goal for their new gang land skirmish game set in 1970's New York. The game will provide you with a number of different gangs warring for control of the regions of the city. Are you interested in New York Bop...

Fight With The Gangs Of 1970’s New York By Ghetto Miniatures


Ghetto Miniatures have begun their Kickstarter campaign to fund a 1970s skirmish game featuring gangs that you just be familiar with. See what you think of some of the models below from each of the factions...

Ghetto Miniatures Start Kicking Off A Bit Of Gang Warfare


Ghetto Miniatures are a new company looking to bring a bit of violence to the streets with a skirmish game that will hit Kickstarter soon. See what you think of some of the artwork and miniatures already sorted for the game...

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