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Hobby Bunker To Create Line Of Modern Adventurers


Hobby Bunker have been working on a range of new resin models that will create a set of Modern Adventurers & Mercs. You can see the first of them here below complete with assault rifle and kit...

V&V Miniatures Go Berserk With New Vikings For Hobby Bunker


Get bloodthirsty and start slaying with some amazing looking Berserkers from V&V Miniatures that will be available through Russian retailer, Hobby Bunker, soon.

Fantastic VnV Vikings Available Through Hobby Bunker


Check out this fantastic set of resin Vikings that are now available through Hobby Bunker in Russia and look very cool indeed. A nice supplement to a larger Norse force?

The Russian Team At Hobby Bunker Muster Rus Warriors & SAGA Terrain


Check out the quickly expanding range of Dark Age scenery and miniatures for the world of SAGA that Hobby Bunker have been putting together!

Hobby Bunker Sculpt Up Anglo-Saxons & Rus Princes For The Dark Ages


See what you think of two of Hobby Bunkers first historical miniatures that will no doubt be taking their place in a Dark Age army soon enough.

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