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INFINITY Bootleg: Corvus Belli’s New Collectors Series


That's right folks, the Infinity team have been busy and came up with a new Collectors Series! In this video we get the first ever peek at what's going to be coming with this new line of miniatures. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the eye candy as shiny syndrome sets in!

Free Infinity Wallpaper – Yu Jing


As Infinity Week 2013 draws to a close we have one more wallpaper treat for you lot.

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing PanOceania


Last but by no means least is PanOceania, the biggest and most advanced of the factions in Infinity. Carlos now gets to chat about his favorite faction in the game! With so much beautiful artwork for this faction some of it might get left on the cutting room floor, so has Carlos' favorite figure made it in?

Free Infinity Wallpaper – PanOceania


Another day in Infinity Week 2013 means it's time for another wallpaper. This time PanOceania get their outing.

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing The Combined Army


It's the last Day of Infinity Week 2013 and the guys are ready to move on to the next of the faction design videos. Lets roll out the Combined Army and have a look at some of the great art before hearing just what the sinister E.I. looks for in its forces.

Tune In For A Live Infinity Text Chat – 5pm UK (BST) Time!


CHAT HERE: Check in now as Carlos and Gutier from Corvus Belli will be sitting down for a Live Text Chat with you folks right here on the Beasts of War chatroom at 5pm. Get the ball rolling with some questions and topics within!

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing Mercenaries


We all know that in any world there will be those soldiers who sell their skills to the highest bidder, and the world of Infinity is no different. It's time for Carlos to run us through designing the Mercenaries faction and of course take a look at the artwork that didn't make it into their lavish Artbook. Are some of your favourite troops in here?

Free Infinity Wallpaper – Nomads


There was allot of love for the Nomads in the comments yesterday so today we thought it was time they got their wallpaper.

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing Haqqislam


Now we're having a look at the design of the Haqqislam faction of Infinity, with yet more amazing art work that unfortunately didn't make it into the book (but we get to bring it to you guys anyway!).

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing Nomads


I think we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the Nomad faction. Gav and Carlos are back again and have got stuck in, having a look at what it takes to design a Nomad miniature and what design choices come up with a faction like this.

Free Infinity Wallpaper – Haqqislam


It's day 3 and we have given the very cool Haqqislam the wallpaper treatment.

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing Yu Jing


Time for a look at the killer art for the Yu Jing that didn't make it to the new Infinity Art Book. Asuka Kisaragi is one of them and this mean biker chick might have something to say about that! Carlos delves into the design and choices behind creating this awesome Oriental faction.

Free Infinity Wallpaper – Combined Army


Today we have a classy set of wallpapers for the Combined Army. The wallpapers are available in two sizes which will look great on any desktop or tablet like the iPad.

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing the Tohaa


The guys break out the new kids of the Infinity universe to have a look at what inspired the faction, their style of play, and the idea that their armour is symbiotic! Don't forget that what we're all getting a peek at is the art that didn't make it to the new Infinity art book, and it still looks fantastic!

INFINITY Week 2013: Designing Ariadna


The next faction for us to have a look at is Ariadna, and again I'm stunned by what has been left out of the artbook! I know plenty of people will ask why some of these were not added in but I'm guessing that it's probably one of the hardest decisions the Infinity team has had to make!

Free Infinity Wallpaper – Ariadna


Each day of Infinity Week 2013 we are going to have a free Infinity wallpaper available to download by anyone that has a FREE account here on Beasts of War.

INFINITY Week 2013: Faction Video: Designing ALEPH


Time to kick off Infinity Week with our first look at the design of the ALEPH faction. The guys get a look at what didn't make it in to the art book and if these are the unfortunate ones that were left on the cutting room floor then I cant wait to see the amazing art in Art Book One.

INFINITY Week 2013: Introduction to “INFINITY Artbook One”


Welcome to Infinity Week! Warren has been joined by Carlos from Corvus Belli to give everyone a quick introduction as to what's going to be happening this week. He also lets you know about the fantastic Miranda Ashcroft miniature you can get your wargaming mitts on!

Infinity Week 2013 – Starts Monday!


That's right another fun packed week of Infinity goodness kicks off on Monday July 1st 2013!

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