Changing Infinity’s Art Direction With 3D Sculpting

June 22, 2014 by warzan

We interview Carlos Llauger Concept/Graphic Designer & Angel Giraldez Head Painter form Corvus Belli about how the introduction of 3D sculpting has influenced the art direction of Infinity.

Changing Infinity's Art Direction With 3D Sculpting

Discover how 3D sculpting hasn't just changed the physical appearance of miniatures but the methods used by Angel for painting them as-well. For example check out the old and now new PanOceania Blue Paint Scheme below.

New PanOceania Blue

The interview was shot in Granada Spain on a hotel roof top during this years FicZone which was the venue for a great Infinity tournament organised by the Spanish distributor Dia Cash. Watch out for upcoming coverage of the tournament in the future.

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