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Download Re-Roll Issue #4


Download Re-Roll Issue #3 Now Last Few Days!


Issue 4 will be dropping over the
next few days, so get Issue 3
while you still can.

Download Re-Roll Issue #2 Now!


Download Re-Roll Issue #1 the Backstage Digital Digest


FREE Printable Terrain – Steampunk Building (LINK UPDATED)


Not a Backstage member yet? Why not sign in with a free account and try out our 7 Day Free Trial! Free Building from This week we have a Steampunk Building for you to build over the weekend! Here’s a […]

Sample Chapter – The Dragoon Clan: Rebirth of Courage


Winged Hussar Publishing have provided us with another sample chapter for a book they think might well interest some of you Backstage members.

FREE Heroic Maps – Geomorphs: Desert Wilderness


Not a Backstage member yet? Why not sign in with a free account and try out our 7 Day Free Trial! Free Maps Download This week we have a set of cool desert maps for you Backstagers to download and print […]

WIN Your Demigods Rising Pledge For Free (Just A Week Left!)


You can dive into the world of Demigods Rising and try and be crowned the new God of War as their Kickstarter heads towards its final days. If you’re both a Backstager AND a Pledger on the campaign you can win it for FREE
by filling in the form within!

FREE E-Z Dungeon Props Set!


Not a Backstage member yet? Why not sign in with a free account and try out our 7 Day Free Trial! You’ve Asked for Dungeon Props & Fat Dragon Games Have Just the Set! This set includes bookcases (4 shelf options […]

£10 OFF 30mm Scale Ares Battle Walker!


Bag yourself a 30mm Scale Ares Battle Walker for only £35! (Usually £45) A slightly more convoluted way to get this deal folks, all you have to do is paste the code (in the box above) into the notes box […]

Wild West Exodus: Honor Among Outlaws – Sample Chapter


If you are a Backstage member this is your chance to have a read though a sample chapter from “Honor Among Outlaws”!

Changing Infinity’s Art Direction With 3D Sculpting


We interview Carlos Llauger Concept/Graphic Designer
& Angel Giraldez Head Painter form Corvus Belli about
how the introduction of 3D sculpting has influenced
the art direction of Infinity.

Discover how 3D sculpting hasn’t just
changed the physical appearance of
miniatures but the methods used
by Angel for painting them as-well.

Download: Complete Operation Babylon Book & New Unit Cards


Discover how cool the new Dust: Operation
Babylon is with two free downloads!

WIN Your Dust Operation Babylon Pledge


If you have pledged on Dust Operation Babylon
then here is your chance to win it for free!

Complete Dust Tactics Rules Free for Backstagers


Discover how to play Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Battlefield with this full rules download!

FREE E-Z Dungeons Expansion set! Worth $6.99!


Massive thanks to for stepping in with this awesome backstage member freebie, be sure to check out the rest of their collection here! Not a Backstage member yet? Why not sign in with a free account and try out […]

Happy Halloween! – No Weekender, Here’s Why…


So today between horrible weather and a truck
containing about 10 tons of Beasts of War studio
stuff on it, we are not going to be able to
squeeze out a weekender this week.

But we do have a free Zombie Sound App
for Backstagers!

Disable Banner Ads With A Backstage Pass


If you wish you can now Disable Banner Ads on Beasts of War using your Backstage Pass. This is a feature we have been testing quietly in the background over the past few weeks!

No Weekender BUT Plenty Of Content Still To Come!


You might have noticed that there isn’t a Weekender.
Alas it’s because one of our epic crew has come down
with something. Instead we have some ace
Backstage exclusives coming!

FREE Command Room Download


After the great reception of the last FREE Backstage download from we have been in touch with their team again and now have another FREE download for you lot! This time it’s the cool Command Room Set (check out […]

Save A Massive 20% On The Dropzone Commander Cityscape


This fantastic offer for Back Stage members lets you grab one of these amazing 6ft x 4ft gaming boards with 20% off the RRP! Seriously, a whole city to fight your 10/15mm wargames in (especially Dropzone Commander) for less than […]