WIN Your Demigods Rising Pledge For Free (Just A Week Left!)

August 22, 2014 by brennon

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Demigods Rising has entered its final week on Kickstarter and they've punched through the $100k mark and are heading onto some more stretch goals as we speak! The big news however is that you still have a chance if you're a Backstager to win your pledge for the grand sum of...FREE!

WIN Your Demigods Rising Pledge For Free!

Kickstarter Cover

Demigods Rising

Above you can see the very lavish gaming board and the Kickstarter exclusive cover art that will adorn the front of the box. Demigods Rising sees you fighting as a Demigod fighting over the now empty throne of your father and hopefully being crowned the new God of War with the help of some heroes by your side.



Demigod Items

Much like with a MOBA game on PC your Demigod can be equipped with a range of weapons and items that they can use to buff themselves up. There's only a few restrictions on what everyone can take so you can mix and match between games in order to work out the combination that suits your playstyle. As well as the items there are the heroes we mentioned before (seen in the middle here) that act as your aides in battle either dealing out some punishing attacks or acting as support characters keeping you healthy.


The rules for the game are downloadable over on their Kickstarter Page HERE and you can also watch a play through of the game above where you're taken through an entire battle to be crowned God of War. It's all very fast paced and involves some careful planning in-between turns to enact your ploys!





Heroes #1

Heroes #2

One of the big draws to this Kickstarter away from the ace game are their brilliant range of miniatures that will be part of the game! You can see the four Demigods above followed by six of the heroes from the game, of which there are many more! We've had a look at these miniatures in person and even the prototypes were brilliant.

If you want to get your hands on your pledge for free:-

At the time the winner is picked…

1) You MUST be a backer of the Kickstarter Campaign

2) You Must be an active Backstager

Click here for your chance to win your pledge for FREE!!!

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