Download Re-Roll Issue #1 the Backstage Digital Digest

September 11, 2016 by lloyd

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This month we set ourselves an experiment, could we over the course of the 30 days create a beautiful digital digest of the hobby that month that could act as a central communique for all of us in Backstage.

Re-Roll Aug 2016

We set out to come up with a name, design, layout and content and feel our way through the minefield that is digital publishing, with a hard deadline of the 1st of the following month.

What you are about to download is the result of that. (And yes it was a bit of a painful experience lol - but we half expected it would be all things considered.)

Anyway as an experiment we felt it worthwhile to give you the 'designers notes' on the what and the why of how we approached this, and that is in the video above.

Download Re-Roll

Re-Roll's future is now up for grabs, we have undertaken the experiment and now it's over to you as the core community of Beasts of War, to decide if the format has a future or not (and what shape that future may take).

Re-Roll Download

As with all things, it's not been developed to appeal to everyone and our hardest core community members are not exactly the target of this format, but we'd be interested to see what all of you think of it (good or bad) as an additional viewpoint of your hobby and as a potential totem we can gather around each month.

We mentioned volunteering to be on the production team of Re-Roll, and if that's your thing and you feel you can dedicate the time to it, please send @warren a private message 🙂 Again we'd love to hear from folks to assist with Copy, Proofing and InDesign Layout - as well as content).

Here are a few guides on how to send the download to your tablet or device:

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