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Battle Box & Beyond – Operation: Icestorm!


As the end of Operation: Icestorm Week draws in we sit down for a look at how you might expand upon the new Infinity Starter Set. Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE!

The Weekender: Dungeon Saga, Icestorm and Our Kickstarter Picks!


Welcome to your weekly dose of Weekender fun! In this show, the guys are having a chinwag about the new Dungeon Saga game coming out of Mantic.

Infinity 3rd Edition Sneak Peek: More Rules Revealed!


So we've talked about Camouflage and Weapon Ranges, but there's even more to come from Infinity 3rd Edition. See if you can guess what rules are going to be tweaked in the forthcoming book... Will movement be changed? Maybe the way shooting works? Or could close-combat be getting a major upgrade? Watch and find out!

Operation: Icestorm Mission 5 Battle Report (PanO vs Nomads)


In the final game of the week the stakes are high as Carlos takes on Killian in a battle with the PanO & Nomad factions from Operation: Icestorm! Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE!

Infinity 3rd Ed Sneak Peek: Weapon Range Changes!


The guys settle down for another look at the upcoming changes to the Infinity universe as 3rd Edition is just around the corner! This time around, the discussion focuses in on Weapon Range Changes, as Killian zeros in on what could be one of the most major changes players of Infinity could be facing in the new book!

Infinity 3rd Ed Sneak Peek: Camouflage Rules!


We have Carlos in the studio with Killian to give you a sneak peek at what's coming up in the 3rd Edition rules for Infinity! In this video they'll be chatting about the Camouflage Rules and how they've been made clearer and more straight forward. If you want to be a cool sci-fi stealth warrior on the battlefield then this is the place to find out all about it!

Infinity Faction Introduction: Nomads


So you've seen how the PanOceania faction measures up but how about their enemies in Operation: Icestorm, the Nomads! Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE!

Designing Infinity Operation: Icestorm


Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE!

Infinity Faction Introduction: PanOceania


Operation: Icestorm is the perfect starting point for gamers looking to jump into Infinity but we decided we better give you a run down of the factions too! Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE!

Infinity Operation: Icestorm Mission 1 Demo Game


It's time to playing Infinity using the Operation: Icestorm box set. Comment for a chance to WIN a massive PRIZE! Note: Carlos reveals some cool 3rd Edition rule changes so see if you can spot them!

Unboxing Corvus Belli’s Infinity Operation: Icestorm!


It's the one you've been waiting for and indeed possibly one of the coolest products we've ever unboxed!

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