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Infinity Battle Report – Yu Jing VS Haqqislam 300pts Match


We're upping the ante as Carlos & Killian clash once again bringing the points up to 300 for this Infinity Battle Report!

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – Expanding Your Force


Once you've played a few games with Infinity's Operation Red Veil you'll need to look at expanding your forces and we have you covered!

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – Building The Terrain Of Neon Lotus


Now you've seen the Unboxing for Red Veil you can come and check out how you assemble the terrain from the set crafting your own Neon Lotus Space Station.

Infinity Red Veil Battle Report: Haqqislam VS Yu Jing 180pts


It's time for a Battle Report showdown as Killian & Carlos battle it out with Yu Jing and Haqqislam forces using Operation Red Veil!

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Unboxing


Join us for the first video of Operation: Red Veil Week where we'll be taking you through the new Starter Set for Infinity by Corvus Belli...

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – How Do Dice Modifiers Work?


Get your head around how Modifiers work within the world of Infinity in a How To Play video from Corvus Belli...

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – Face To Face Rolls


In this video for Red Veil Week we're going to be looking at Face To Face Rolls and how they work in Infinity. Learn more about shooting, AROs and armour within...

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – How To Play & Game Concepts


If you're new to Infinity this video will guide you through the basic game concepts and how to play. Next step; getting stuck into the action yourself!

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – Designing The Red Veil Starter Box


We sit down to discuss the Design Choices that went into creating the new Operation Red Veil Box for Infinity...

Infinity – Operation: Red Veil Week Coming Monday!


Join us for Operation: Red Veil Week for the Infinity Miniatures Game starting next week on Monday 4th July!

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