Mantic’s Kings Of War Vanguard Rules Free To Download Now

October 9, 2018 by brennon

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Mantic Games has now released their Free Rules Download for Kings Of War: Vanguard.

KoW Vanguard Free Rules - Mantic Games

The Free Rulebook contains all of the core rules you need to play the game but also includes two of the twelve scenarios for you to try out as well, giving you a sense of the different types of adventure you can play out on the tabletop.

The full rulebook will then expand upon this with rules for campaign play, advanced spell lists, additional scenarios, weapon options and ways to include games of Vanguard in larger events in Kings Of War as well.

Starter Warbands & Cheatsheets

As well as the main rules you can also download a new Starter Warband PDF which contains help with building your own warbands and getting stuck into the fighting for whichever faction takes your fancy.

KoW Vanguard Starter Warbands - Mantic Games

Above you can see one of the example Warbands for the Abyssal faction but you'll find rules and helpful hints for working with all manner of different warbands too.

When you get to actually playing your games Mantic has also provided folks with a Summary Sheet which will be very helpful when you need to check out rules on the fly.

Are you going to be getting into Vanguard?

"The full rulebook will then expand upon this with rules for campaign play and more..."

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