Red Scar & Mantic Games Teaming Up For Kings Of War RPG

January 2, 2019 by brennon

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The world of Mantica is constantly expanding as Mantic Games add new games and ideas into the mix for Kings Of War. One such new idea which is starting to become a reality is the Kings Of War RPG which is being created in conjunction with Red Scar Publishing.

Kings Of War RPG - Mantic Games

The teams are working to bring a role-playing game to the tabletop which allows you to not only experience the world of Mantica as one of its many heroes but also then integrate this into the other games within their collection.

They are hoping to build a level of cross-compatibility into the system which allows you to not only play through stories as your characters but also then go dungeon delving in Dungeon Saga or perhaps take to the battlefield in Kings Of War, fighting alongside massive armies.

The world of Mantica is also massive as shown by this image here...

Mantica Map - Mantic Games

The coloured section is what has currently been explored in Kings Of War but as you can see the world stretches far behind those horizons. Perfect fodder for storytellers and adventurers alike.

A release for the game is still a fair way off and the team are testing out their TriCore System, working on new artwork and more. However, the prospect of a cross-compatible game and exploring the potential for the world of Mantica is a very interesting one!

Are you going to be keeping your eye on this?

"They are hoping to build a level of cross-compatibility into the system..."

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