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Warmachine & Hordes Lock & Load Outpost Live Blog (MK III Demo Game Today!)

EU Q&A Session Answers From The Privateer Press Team

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EU Q&A Session Answers From The Privateer Press Team


Some answers from the Privateer Press team to questions posed by the EU fans...

1) The big drive behind MK III they were looking to try and avoid awkward interactions on the tabletop and get people playing bigger games allowing for bigger point games.

2) It's been weird playing with the new edition rules over two or three years as they keep having to switch back and forth.

3) They have increased FAs in different places in the case of many themed forces allowing you to take a few more or a few less on a case by case basis.

4) Wrapping Up The MK II Storyline - It wasn't easy and they placed a lot of importance on the story and narrative for the game. They based the release around how long it would take to finish off the story.

The last two books for Warmachine & Hordes that they did were there to wrap things up for the story and put it on a new path.

5) Few new versions of rules popping up in War Room that give you a heads up as to what's coming within the world of Organised Play

6) Their favourite factions? - They have a lot of love for Skorne and Cygnar. Also really looking forward to what's coming for the Mercenaries.

7) Will there be a House Shyeel Themed Book - We'll have to wait and see but...maybe? It might end up in the Command Book.

8 ) King Makers Army - Mercenaries, will be available soon for folks to pick up. No Quarter might be used to show off some of the themed lists before they arrive as books.

9) Will the Hardcore Rules be Updated - Yes they will be tweaked a little bit as things go.

10) Diving into Themes and Themed Lists - They will add units that they think will work for each faction. They won't make everything uniform but they will maintain a global balance and make things look awesome - not everyone will get similar units.

11) What Will The Next Plushie Be? - The Deathripper!!!

12) Which model went through the most iterations before its final form - the Vindictus had a lot of work done to him. Haley 2 also went through a lot of different phases. All of the Warcasters went through a few changes over the period of development.

13) Spoiler for the new faction... Hollowmen (spooky?)

14) There IS a new Cephalyx Caster - but they won't say when it's coming

15) Will they be coming to SmogCon 2017? Yes Privateer will be coming along to different conventions in the EU.

16) Overall World Ranking System? - Errr... Mars 2030., probably.

17) Light Character Warbeasts - Big Ol' Vulture Warbeast...maybe, possibly, in a few years haha.

18) New Troll Gargantuan - He comes with a big ship on his back and he looks awesome.

19) No - they have no plans to give the Shredders Tenacity (ah well!)

EU Q&A Session Answers From The Privateer Press Team

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Cult of Games Member

The themed list idea sounds really. really interesting . I’ve really got to play this game more than I do.

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I like the sound of hollowmen

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thank you.

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