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Bolt Action Project VLOG - Building WWII Armies

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John and Warren have a little update on what's been happening for our Russian Bolt Action Army.

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Cult of Games Member

Those tanks in particular are really looking great. I especially like the idea of the bedspring armor, especially since those tanks are painted in markings for the Battle of Berlin, where such armor was most commonly used.

Perhaps a fitting testament to how effective panzerfaust rocket launchers were against Soviet tanks in the streets of Berlin . . . is the fact that SOME (not all or even most) of the bedspring armor . . . really were bedsprings. Twelve-year old German boys, drafted into the Volksturm, were taking out Soviet T-34/85s and even JS-IIs with these things, and desperate for any kind of “spaced armor” protection, Soviet crews started looting German houses for their box spring bed frames.

Of course it didn’t work. Just goes to show how frantic these guys were for any shred of extra protection, and how horrific Soviet tank losses were in the Battle of Berlin. Then again, there wasn’t much about the Battle of Berlin that wasn’t horrific.

Needless to say, the “real” armor frames @johnlyons is putting on those tanks were not bedframes, and presumably worked a lot better. 😀

Cult of Games Member

The tanks rock 😎
I will need to think of something special for the Tiger that will be part of the FJ army..

Cult of Games Member

nice update love the commissar.

Cult of Games Member

Books I have show 2 styles of “bed spring ” armor . One type looks like chain link fencing , ( diamond shaped gaps ) and the other is a more square pattern .To me it looks like wire you would use if you were stuccoing your walls , but a larger gauge of wire and bigger holes . Both patterns can be found on the same vehicle . The boxes are way too big for ammo . 76mm came 5 in a box , weight about 80 pounds . The ISU had 1 round per box , weight 100 plus pounds . Save the large boxes for a truck load , Rubicon should be releasing a plastic Studebaker deuce and a half / Katyuha later this year .Maybe use some of your dungeon scenery , I’ve seen pictures of Russian tanks in Berlin covered in suitcases of clothes , various pieces of furniture , a complete brass bed and even a piano .


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