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Wonderlands’ Mauser Earth Project Back On Kickstarter


The Wonderlands Project team are back on Kickstarter looking to bring their Mauser Earth: War For Paris game to the tabletop. The game features 54mm scale Pulpy Steampunk models which look fantastic.

Weekender: Mantic Historical Gaming & We Want Tabletop Robot Wars!


We discuss the potential of Mantic
stepping into Historical Wargaming
& want to fight out Robot Wars
on the tabletop

Wonderlands Project Bring Mauser Earth To Kickstarter


The world of Mauser Earth is NOT dead. Wonderlands Projects are bringing it back to the tabletop with their new Skirmish Game as you fight the War For Paris…

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?


Is this going to be a one cup or
two cup episode of The Weekender?

Stick on a brew as we go
through more news and talk
awesome projects…

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Wonderland Goes Shark Hunting & Keeps Mauser Earth Alive


The Wonderland Project is a French company who are making some absolutely fantastic looking miniatures for collectors in 54mm. You can see one of their projects below, Shark Day, and then delve into their Mauser Earth collection too…