Weekender: Mantic Historical Gaming & We Want Tabletop Robot Wars!

July 23, 2016 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender. We're going to be delving into some news from the week and beyond and talking about Mantic dipping their toe into Historical Wargaming...

Weekender: Mantic Historical Gaming & We Want Tabletop Robot Wars!

Check Out Team Yankee Leopard Week

Make sure that you check out the Team Yankee week as we even have some games of Top Trumps where we argue over the best units in the game.

Hobby Lab Scatter Terrain Challenge

We're taking a look at a few of the different Project Logs in the Hobby & Painting Forum for our Scatter Terrain Challenge.

Keep at it folks and we'll cover more of your work as the challenge progresses throughout August too.

News Time

Let's see what's been in the news...

  • Age of Sigmar Start Collecting Forces - Get yourself started with some of the new factions in Age of Sigmar.
  • Seven New Malifaux Crews - Seven new crews match up with the new Masters for Malifaux.
  • Robot Wars Back On Sunday - A look ahead to the return of Robot Wars on Sunday in the UK!
  • 4Ground's Gen Con Releases - What are 4Ground taking to Gen Con?

Will you be watching Robot Wars?

Mantic Stepping Into Historical Wargaming?

As well as their being an existing fan project aimed at bringing Historical Wargaming to the Kings of War rules system we've been hearing whispers from the ether of a new set of rules being worked on by the Rules Committee and Mantic themselves.

We start some speculation as to how this might work and delve into some of the details we do know about at the moment.

What this does mean is that Lloyd MIGHT finally dip his toe into the realm of the Historical.

If you have Pics of Romans for Lloyd you can post them in this forum topic - click here.

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Have a great weekend.

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"Will you be watching Robot Wars?"

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