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The Hucksters Are You’re Answer To All Your Shopping Needs In Malifaux


You can buy almost anything in Malifaux if you know the right place to look. The Hucksters are the latest Malifaux Monday preview from Wyrd Games and they can get you what you need- for the right price.

New False Witnesses Join The Guild In Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd believes that sometimes you just need someone to corroborate a story- passionately. Have a look at the False Witnesses for the Guild of Malifaux.

Wyrd Go Ape For A Mystery Preview


Wyrd have posted another piece of concept art as a mystery teaser of something to come.

Step Through A Stalking Portal To Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd Games have revealed one of the more disturbing additions to the Cult of the Burning Man as Stalking Portals come to The Other Side.

A Sharpshooter Lends Their Rifle To Wyrd On The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off a specialist from the ranks of the King’s Empire, the moustachioed sharpshooter.

Zen-like Asian Malifaux Bases On The Way In Wyrdscapes


How better to theme your Malifaux crews than with the perfect base inserts? Wyrd is showing off their Wyrdscape Asian bases and they will no doubt make your Ten Thunders pop!

Wyrd Awaken The Ancient Evil Horomatangi


Horomatangi, an ancient Titan from Malifaux, has been awakened by Wyrd Games to wreak havoc on The Other Side.

Check Out Wyrd’s Malifaux Releases For May 2018


Wyrd Games has shown off their Malifaux releases for May 2018. There are all manner of fascinating creatures and characters in the mix so let’s get started with Gwyneth Maddox.

Wyrd Spin Webs Over Their Mysterious Preview


For their latest preview, Wyrd have shown off a concept for something rather disturbing.

Abyssinian Marauders Ride To The Other Side


For their latest The Other Side preview, Wyrd have shown off Abyssinia’s fast-moving Marauders.

Wyrd Expand Darkness Comes Rattling With Two New Heroes


Wyrd Games are previewing War of the Spirits, the upcoming expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling, with a look at two new characters.

Wyrd’s Latest Preview Takes Live Easy Atop His Giant Gator


Wyrd Games recently showed a new preview, showing a gremlin who knows how to relax and stay snappy at the same time.

Channel Your Inner Wyrd In Their Creature Feature Contest


How about a new painting challenge from Wyrd Games? They’ve announced their latest painting competition – Creature Feature!

Something Wyrd Hatches From The Other Side’s Easter Egg Clutch


Wyrd Games have another preview for The Other Side, and this one is just in time for Easter. An Egg Clutch for the Gibbering Horde.

Wyrd’s Easter Sale Running From March 27th – April 3rd With Happy Little Pigs!


Wyrd Games are going to be running their Easter Sale starting March 27th and running until April 3rd.

The Engineer Keeps Abyssinia Function in Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd Games has revealed the Engineer for Abyssinia, ready to support their nation’s forces in The Other Side.

Popcorn Turner & Cooper Jones Bring Brewing Expertise To Malifaux


Wyrd Games have previewed two more of the Gremlins in the upcoming Backdraft Encounter Set. Popcorn Turner and his assistant Cooper Jones.

Wyrd Add More Monsters & Creatures To Malifaux In March


Wyrd Games has added some new characters and more to the world of Malifaux this month.

Wyrd Introduces The Gremlins’ Whiskey Gamin In Backdraft


The Gremlins of Malifaux will not be outdone as they’ve discovered the perfect little critters to smuggle their moonshine in Through The Breach. Check out the Whiskey Gamin in Backdraft, their latest story encounter box.

Wyrd Bring Eternal Punishment In The Form Of The Wanyudo


Wyrd Games have previewed another of The Undying box. This time they are taking something terrifying from Japanese folklore; the Wanyudo.

New Releases For Wyrd’s Malifaux Arrive


February brings forth some new monsters and characters for the world of Malifaux. See what Wyrd Games has set up for you…