Twisted Creatures, Learned Folk & Nightmares Come To Malifaux!

July 7, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games have been showing off some stunning new sets for those wanting to dive into Malifaux over the last few months. This 32mm plastic miniatures range is always a joy to dive into and there have been some twisted, learned and nightmarish releases popping up throughout June, July and also for Gen Con!

Kastore Core Box - Malifaux

Kastore Core Box // Malifaux

We start with what was available for the month of June. These miniatures should already be available for you to snap up from your Friendly Local Gaming Store! For example, you've got the twisted nightmares of the Kastore Core Box.

This set comes with the miniature for Kastore, Awakened who looks fearsome and deadly alongside Marathine, Gwyll and three Blood Vessels. If you like the Neverborn and the Resurrectionists then this could well be the set for you.

Keeping with that theme of demons and deadly creatures of the darkness, you have the aptly named Deep In The Dark set.

Deep In The Dark - Malifaux

Deep In The Dark // Malifaux

This comes with another terrible (in the best sense of the word!) looking leader in the form of Athroak as well as two of the Cavern Nephilim. You could imagine these stalking across the tabletop, lurching from the shadows and dragging you off into some dark alleyway to feast on your marrow!

You can also snag yourself some miniatures to cover both the Neverborn and the Resurrectionists but also some miniatures for the Outcasts and the Explorers. I absolutely love the look of the Unseelie Engine in particular.

Ruins Of A Lost Age - Malifaux

Ruins Of A Lost Age // Malifaux

A fascinating set of miniatures that would be really fun to paint up in different ways. I bet you could do some great stuff with the Unseelie Engine and object source lighting in particular. This is also a fascinating blend of both technology and magic which is what makes the wider world of Malifaux fun too.

July Releases

Moving on from June, there are also some excellent miniatures for the month of July. Things are still very creepy and distinctly Neverborn with the addition of The Hushed Corpse set.

The Hushed Corpse - Malifaux

The Hushed Corpse // Malifaux

This set comes with more miniatures for the Neverborn in the form of the utterly terrifying White Eyes and two of the Urnbearers. Even if you don't play Malifaux, I think the miniatures range from Wyrd is just asking to be snapped up and painted by those that love putting brush to miniature.

Moving away from the terrifying Neverborn, we have some excellent miniatures for those wanting to get started with the Ten Thunders. Maybe you could hang out in the Red Library with Linh Ly and her band of Bookkeepers.

Linh Ly Core Box - Malifaux

Linh Ly Core Box // Malifaux

The set comes with a miniature for Linh Ly, Bibliothecary as well as the wonderful Jade Rabbit and Mâp Máp. By the gods, that Mâp Máp miniature is just adorable and shows just how diverse and interesting the Malifaux range is. You've also got three Bookkeepers who are taking a lot of pride in their work. I bet they would be very good at making sure people stay quiet!

Keeping with the Red Library theme, there is another boxed set for the Ten Thunders with Lifted From The Page.

Lifted From The Page - Malifaux

Lifted From The Page // Malifaux

This showcases tales and characters made manifest thanks to the work of the Calligraphers. As well as those three miniatures, you also get the awesome Paper Tiger. It would be brilliant to try and get the transition right between the tiger's fur and the parchment that it has sprung from.

Nightmares Coming To Gen Con

As well as the general releases for Malifaux, there are also some special miniatures coming out from Wyrd at Gen Con. New Nightmare Editions are on the way bringing alternative takes on Malifaux characters to the tabletop.

Reap & Sow Nightmare Edition - Malifaux

Reap & Sow Nightmare Edition // Malifaux

Reap & Sow works as an alternative option for the Explorers in Malifaux with The Skeleton King, Stalwart Knight, Ghostly Coach and Bellringers working as alternative miniatures for Jedza, Mikhail XVI, Sophie and the Lamplighters. These look terrifying, creepy and they should be a lot of fun to paint.

Reap & Sow Nightmare Edition Miniatures - Malifaux

Reap & Sow Nightmare Edition - Miniatures // Malifaux

These miniatures will be available as part of the upcoming Gen Con Sale which usually means you can get them both online and at the event. As well as Reap & Sow, there is also a set called Crown & Throne which adds to the alternatives for those playing as Explorers.

Crown & Thorn Nightmare Edition - Malifaux

Crown & Thorn Nightmare Edition // Malifaux

This set comes with The Skeleton King, Forsaken (which represents Jedza, Everlasting) and also Mistila And Rogg who work as Austera And Twigge in-game. All of these miniatures are coming up in the next month or so so keep a beady eye out!

Last but not least, there is also a new Miss Model for 2023!

Miss Model 2023 // Wyrd Games

Could you be tempted to snap up some of these offerings from Wyrd Games over the next few months? There are some fun projects for painters but also for those wanting to start out with a new crew or two.

Have you played Malifaux before?

"Have you played Malifaux before?"

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