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Wyrd Games Previews Skulker Skins Before Next Malifaux Expansion


Those pesky Gremlins from Malifaux have had a new tease for the upcoming expansion, bringing the Skulker Skins in for a preview over at Wyrd Games.

Wyrd’s Spring Flowers & Showers Painting Competition Returns


Bringing the theme of April Showers to Spring-Grown Flowers, players are challenged to get their Wyrd models out for some good-clean thematic fun. 

Fearless Botanists Required In New & Free Malifaux Story Encounter


If you fancy some light-hearted fun through the breach, Wyrd has released a new Story Encounter set in the world of Malifaux.

Wyrd’s Epic Easter Extravaganza Sale Is Now Live!


Bringing limited edition Nightmare Boxes, hard to find figures, event exclusives and much much more.

Wyrd’s Easter Extravaganza Event Starts Next Week!


For a week over on the Wyrd webstore, players are able to get their hands on special limited releases.

Free Easter Alt Angelica Mini With Wyrd Seasonal Promo


If you spend over $75 on Wyrd products at your LGS, you are entitled to a free alt miniature!

Familiar Faces In Upcoming Malifaux Twisted Alternatives


Wyrd is releasing some new Malifaux Twisted Alternatives to retail this June, with some awesome alternative sculpts dripping with character! 

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Special: Our Top 10 Games


EP75 Video Edition: Apes, Arising & Journalism


Blast From The Past! Confrontation Back From The Dead? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a blast from the past. Confrontation is coming back from the dead thanks to our Indie Of The Week, Temple Of The West! There are some amazing new Fantasy miniatures on the way as part of this collaboration.

March Wyrd Games Pre-Orders: Get Started With 3E Malifaux!


It's a new month of Wyrd Games releases. This means lots to look forward to this March, delving into some new dark and gritty goodness.

New 2000 AD Game: Sláine Kiss My Axe! Miniatures Set + Win Flames of War Tobruk Box #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week we are bombarded by barbarians as Warlord Games bring us Sláine, Mythic Games tease Anastyr and Avatars of War have a bevvy of beefed-up berserker on show. What do you make of this barbarous episode?

Wyrd’s February Releases For Malifaux & The Other Side!


This month's releases will see two new Malifaux boxes, puzzles and legendary characters return for The Other Side.

Wyrd Expand Malifaux & The Other Side In January Releases


Malifaux & The Other Side are at the forefront of the starting month, bringing some 75mm minis, more troops, some twisted alternatives and much, much more. 

Bruce’s Malifaux History


GT EP70: New Year, Same Hobby [Audio Podcast]


Unboxing: Malifaux – Euripides Core Box


EP68 Video Edition: Ragnarok, Borderlands & Advent Calendars


Wyrd Announce Two New Factions & Gods Coming To The Other Side


Wyrd has surprised us with not just a titanous miniature - but more information about the two upcoming Allegiances for The Other Side.

GT EP68: Ragnarok, Borderlands & Advent Calendars [Audio/Podcast]


Wyrd Giving Away Limited Edition Alt Sculpts This Black Friday!


With every $100 spent at the Wyrd store, you will be able to get a choice of previous limited edition sculpts.

Irregular Magazine Winter 2018


Wyrd Games Showcase First 75mm Iconic Malifaux Miniature


Wyrd Games is celebrating fifteen-plus years of Malifaux with a new range of miniatures. The Iconic range will feature massive versions of their characters from Malifaux and The Other Side that have been designed for painters to have a lot of fun with. 

Have You Seen These Discworld Miniatures? + New Contrast Paint Alternative; Speedpaint #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Have you seen these Discworld miniatures before? PLUS, we talk about a new Contrast Paint alternative on the way. The Army Painter team are working on Speedpaint!

Wyrd Games’ October Releases for The Other Side & Malifaux


At the end of the month, Wyrd gamers will see some fantastic new releases headed to the tabletop. With crossover miniatures for both Malifaux and The Other Side, and the introduction to the Malifaux expansion book Malifaux Burns. 

Get Your Wyrd Halloween Minis Ready For The Rotten Harvest Painting Competition!


It is not just black and orange paint and cobwebs, the Wyrd Rotten Harvest painting competition, where players can paint their Wyrd miniatures for a chance to win some Wyrd and wonderful goodies. 

Wyrd Get Hands-On At Origins Games Fair Next Week


Now that Gen Con 2021 has passed us by, Origins Game Fair is underway. Taking us on a hands-on approach looking at the newest board games from Wyrd.

What’s Happening At The Wyrd Booth At GenCon 2021?


Wyrd has bought some incredible goodies with them spanning across different game systems and platforms - so keep your eyes peeled to see what to hunt down at GenCon '21 at the Wyrd Booth. 

Tortoise And The Hare Return To Malifaux This September


Players who have their hands deep into some Wyrd and wonderful tabletop gaming will be over the moon with the terrifying twosome, heading into Malifaux 3E at the end of the month.

Wyrd Announce Limited Nightmare Edition Boxed Set For 2021


Wyrd is back at it again with the brand new Nightmare Edition boxed set, and this year - Wyrdos are heading under water! Including the newest limited edition alt sculps for Malifaux in the Deepest Depths box, a nautical collectable variant for Neverborn fans with Nekima’s fresh look.

New Other Side Starter Box + Malifaux Rules & Gen Con!


This week, Wyrd let us Wyrdos in on a little sneak-peek, looking at two new characters which will be contained in the coveted starter box. However, we won't be looking at how they play in The Other Side, we will be taking a look at their abilities and their chance of survival in a different arena - Malifaux. 

Malifaux Burns Expansion Coming October 2021 From Wyrd


Need to new content for Malifaux! Do not fret, there's an expansion on the way and it is scorching its way onto our tabletop in October. Look's like October is going to be a huge month for Wyrd, with the release of two Rotten Harvest Boxes, an expansion and the visit to GenCon! Now that the Explorer's Society has settled in, there are some searing questions arising over the new expansion, Malifaux Burns. 

Get Spooky With Wyrd Games’ New Rotten Harvest 2021 Sets!


Wyrd Games are back with another round of Rotten Harvest releases for 2021. These Limited Edition sets give you alternative versions of characters from the Malifaux universe for you to use in your games and they usually vanish quickly!

The Official Wyrd Games Discord Server Is Now Live!


Are you a fan of Malifaux like myself? Or like to enter Through the Breach or The Other Side. Even like to engage in a little Bayou Bash? Well, a brand new community gate has opened, as Wyrd have announced their Official Discord Server.  Currently transitioning over from A Wyrd Place, their official community group on Facebook, players can immerse themselves in all the conversation they require surrounding all Wyrd products. 

Take Part In Wyrd’s Hot, Hot, Hot! Summer Painting Competition


If you are looking for an incentive to get creating, and you are a Malifaux player or painter. It is time to consider wielding your paintbrush or airbrush for the Summer Painting Contest - Hot, Hot, Hot! from Wyrd Games. Running all the way up to July 28th 2021. 

Community Spotlight: Ancient Elves, Bot War & Malifaux Madness


In this week's Community Spotlight we're looking at some Ancient Elves, the start of an epic Bot War project and also a toe-dip into the world of Malifaux.

Vagrant Characters Announced for Wyrd Games’ Vagrantsong


The recently announced board game from Wyrd Games, Vagrantsong was announced a few weeks back, and I and Ben were extremely keen on the new concept. Us board gamers have got to stick together! Inspired by American Folklore and things that go bump in the night, players will cooperatively make their way through scenarios to find their way and escape an eerie ghost train.  There are some new details announced from Wyrd Games, looking at some new characters that will be involved (spoiler alert: there is a dog), on the spooky antics aboard the fearsome ghost train. 

Get Ready For A Clash! A “Pig” Announcement For Bayou Bash


Last week, we had a look at Ruffles the Rooster, and his preparation before entering the wild racing arena, home to redneck gremlins and quirky characters alike. There is a new playable character coming to Bayou Bash, and Wyrd Games have announced their actions and outcomes of brutality for the upcoming title. 

Ruffles The Rooster Joins Wyrd Games’ Bayou Bash


Ahoy there Wyrdos. If you are anything like me, you will be excited for Bayou Bash to be heading over to our tabletops this summer. Now considering that I am a fan of Wyrd products anyway, the upcoming release of the board game is getting me quite giddy! Featuring the lovable rogue Gremlins and awesome mounts from through the breach.  This week, Wyrd Games have confirmed one of the newest playable characters, and taken a look into their perks within the game. The Rooster is ready to cluck its way into the race, leaving the other mounts at the start line.  

Wyrd Previews Karai Ankoku For New The Other Side Starter Set


Wyrd has most recently announced that there will be some crossovers with characters in The Other Side and Malifaux, providing two sets of cards to enable them to be in play for both games. Last week, Wyrd previewed the newest character from the list to be released in the new Starter Set for The Other Side, who is also playable in Malifaux too. 

Win Malifaux Goodies In Flowers & Showers Painting Contest


It is Springtime, and it seems that the current painting contest that Wyrd is holding right now is fitting perfectly in theme with the current state of the weather here in England! Yes, lots and lots of random showers. But I am British, we enjoy moaning about the weather. It is merely something we have built-in to our demeanour.  The Flowers and Showers Painting Contest is now live on the Wyrd Forum, and you get a chance to win some gift cards, cash and even a free Nightmare Box of your choice for winning. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Do Vamps Make Good TV, Ben’s Painting Mojo Hits Overdrive & Lloyd Explores His Mystery Hobby Box!


Come and join us for another wander down Cult Of Games XLBS avenue! Lloyd is joined by Ben, Gerry and Free to talk about what hobby they have been getting stuck into recently.

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