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Armies For The Greatest Wars In History? Victrix Nail Their Historical Miniatures! #OTTWeekender

1 month ago 32

It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at a creator who has nailed their Historical miniatures. Victrix has created plastic miniatures in both 28mm and 12mm that would be amazing for some of the greatest wars in history.

Arcanists Clash With Ten Thunders In New Malifaux Starter Sets


Wyrd Games have been showing off two new Starter Sets which are going to be landing for Malifaux in the month of March. The Arcanists are going to be clashing with the Ten Thunders as automata come up against brutal swordsmanship.

EP98 Video Edition: Our Guide to Kickstarter


Grab New Boxes For Malifaux’s The Bayou In February


Wyrd Games has been previewing what's coming up over the next few months for their games. Malifaux is, as always, front and centre and there are two boxed sets coming in February for those playing games as The Bayou's Gremlins.

Community Spotlight: Bob’s Black Bulls, Malifaux Masters & Old Skool Miniatures


Join us for another Community Spotlight as we're exploring old-school miniatures, the weird world of Malifaux and also some awesome Flames Of War too.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Only Buy Miniatures Once A Year?! How Dare You Sir!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're exploring the awesome range of Bot War miniatures that Gerry has been painting AND asking the question; could you ONLY buy miniatures ONCE a year?

Wyrd Games Go Hunting In Malifaux For January 2023


Wyrd Games has a few releases popping up to start the year and get you excited for more Malifaux in 2023. The first of the miniatures for January is one of the new Iconic miniatures for the Malifaux range, The Fae Queen. 

GT EP91: Gaming on the Go. [Audio Version]


Unboxing Bayou: Listen Up! for Malifaux 3rd Edition


Unboxing the Behind The Trigger for Malifaux Third Edition


Wyrd Games Plot What’s Coming To Malifaux In November!


Wyrd Games have planned out what is going to be coming to the world of Malifaux in the month of November. With all of the spooky stuff already previewed, they are moving on to more gangs and by extension characters for you to use in your games.

EP89 Video Edition: Resistance, Malls & Madness


Free Alt-Iggy Model With FLGS Malifaux Promotion!


Wyrd Games are gearing up for Halloween, pressing 'go' to the new and alt promo model coming as part of the spooky season. Swapping out his rage-ridden eyes and intimidating stance for a quirky costume both cute and tame.

Wyrd’s Malifaux Madness Heralds New Expansion For October


Wyrd has released a few details on the upcoming book. Showcased in their upcoming releases, this one is titled Malifaux Madness.

Unboxing: Malifaux – Bayou Deliverance


EP84 Video Edition: Products Held Hostage?


GT EP82: Heroes, Cyberpunk & Blotz


Dead Resurrected & A Multitude Of Monsters For Malifaux


Wyrd is showcasing their September releases for Malifaux, bringing a total of six sets to the forefront before Spooky Season.

Wyrd Add Upgrade Limitations Alongside New ‘Witness’ Keyword


Wyrd have given Malifaux players a little insight into two new Masters available. Making way for the Arcanists & Ten Thunders with the new keyword, Witness.

An Introduction To The Lore, World & Factions Of Malifaux!


In a universe of fun-loving redneck Gremlins and native magically enhanced beings like The Neverborn, are you ready to hold fate to a deck for some Malifaux low-model-count crews? Free gives us an introduction to the factions and lore of Wryd's awesome skirmish game.

Malifaux’s Guild Celebrates Dia De Los Muertos This Halloween


Wyrd has announced its new and upcoming Rotten Harvest box sets bringing the drop-dead gorgeous Mexican theme of Dia De Los Muertos,

Cult Of Games XLBS: Gerry Went To A Tank Museum. Doesn’t Show Us Any Tanks…


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, Gerry takes us through his holiday snaps from when he visited a tank museum...only we don't actually have any pictures of tanks. Yet. 

Warmachine’s New Edition Explodes Onto Tabletops! PLUS, Miniatures To Rival Warhammer? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Warmachine from Privateer Press is getting a new edition and the Beta Rules can be played on the tabletop right now! 

Move Over Warhammer – Conquest: First Blood SHOULD BE Your New Fantasy Wargame! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! It's time for Warhammer to move over. We dive into Conquest: First Blood from Para Bellum Wargames and discuss why it should be your new Fantasy wargame.

Malifaux Goes Medieval As 2022 Nightmare Editions Announced!


We're taking to the walls of a stronghold atop a roaring steed, wielding axe and bow in the upcoming limited edition boxes. 

Get Creative With Object Source Lighting In Wyrd’s Summer Comp!


Looking to try your hands at a different style of painting? Wyrd painting contests are always a hoot. This year bringing the City Nights Painting Challenge!

The Big Bad Wolf Comes To Malifaux For The Month Of July


Wyrd Games has been showing off some of the brand new miniatures that are landing during the month of July. We start with some Twisted Alternatives for use with Malifaux and the Big Bad Wolf!

Community Spotlight: Malifaux Pigpens, Spring Cleaning RISK & Done Is Better…


Lovely muddy pigpens, a look at "getting things done" and then a neat way of getting together a small scale army thanks to a thrift shop purchase! Some great ideas for folks to sink their teeth into.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Are Your Tabletop Gaming Regrets?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! This morning, we're asking what is your tabletop gaming regret? What game or set of miniatures do you lament adding to your collection. 

Foe To The Fairy Folk: Gwyll Spores Into Malifaux


Stepping away from last week's announcement from deep into the caves, and into the woods with a new sinister foe for the Autumn Queen, Titania - Gwyll. 

Cursed Soulstone Golem Lohith Approaches Malifaux


Wyrd has given us an introduction to Lohith, a cursed explorer taking the form of a calcified stone, joining the Arcanists.

Thunder Unleashes The Story Of Raijin For Malifaux


The pool of crews to select from is widening in Malifaux, bringing a tale of folklore and terror with The Story of Raijin. 

Rocket Arrows & Tree Knights For Malifaux & The Other Side


Wyrd has been busy previewing some models for not just one game system, but two. With Hex Bows and Yaksha approaching Malifaux & The Other Side.

Wyrd Games Previews Skulker Skins Before Next Malifaux Expansion


Those pesky Gremlins from Malifaux have had a new tease for the upcoming expansion, bringing the Skulker Skins in for a preview over at Wyrd Games.

Wyrd’s Spring Flowers & Showers Painting Competition Returns


Bringing the theme of April Showers to Spring-Grown Flowers, players are challenged to get their Wyrd models out for some good-clean thematic fun. 

Fearless Botanists Required In New & Free Malifaux Story Encounter


If you fancy some light-hearted fun through the breach, Wyrd has released a new Story Encounter set in the world of Malifaux.

Wyrd’s Epic Easter Extravaganza Sale Is Now Live!


Bringing limited edition Nightmare Boxes, hard to find figures, event exclusives and much much more.

Wyrd’s Easter Extravaganza Event Starts Next Week!


For a week over on the Wyrd webstore, players are able to get their hands on special limited releases.

Free Easter Alt Angelica Mini With Wyrd Seasonal Promo


If you spend over $75 on Wyrd products at your LGS, you are entitled to a free alt miniature!

Familiar Faces In Upcoming Malifaux Twisted Alternatives


Wyrd is releasing some new Malifaux Twisted Alternatives to retail this June, with some awesome alternative sculpts dripping with character! 

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Special: Our Top 10 Games


EP75 Video Edition: Apes, Arising & Journalism


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