Look Ahead To Strange, Fae New August Malifaux Releases!

July 21, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games might be heading to Gen Con soon but they are also looking ahead to what's coming out for August and the world of Malifaux. A new Core Box and some associated releases might be good for taking you down this strange new route with these wonderful miniatures.

Tiri Core Box - Malifaux

Tiri Core Box // Malifaux

The new Tiri Core Box brings together the Outcasts and the Explorers with a set that features a stunning and distinctly alien miniature for Tiri, The Nomad. The set also comes with a miniature for Kett and Oro Boro as well as three Aua Warriors that help solidify the theme and aesthetic of the boxed set. This is a great way of bringing the Fae vibes into your games of Malifaux and it reminds me a lot of the style of Elves that we saw in the recent God Of War games.

If you're looking to dive deeper into the Aua and build a crew that is very focused around them, you can also get the Tenacious Tradition box as well.

Tenacious Tradition - Malifaux

Tenacious Tradition // Malifaux

This set comes with Parson and The Iron Matron. This ancient faction was almost wiped out but managed to cling on in the ruins of their civilization. Now it seems, they are looking to stake a claim on the realm and "deal" with the other factions.

But wait, there are even more miniatures for you to dive into! You can also Forge A new Path with an Outcasts box for the Aua which introduces some different flavours of these Fae creatures to go down a different route when it comes to crew building.

Forge A New Path - Malifaux

Forge A New Path // Malifaux

This set comes with the fascinating construct that is The First Light as well as the Ancient Constructs that defend her. If you're interested in finding out more about this fascinating new set of miniatures for Malifaux, you can check them out HERE.

Could you be tempted to snap up these new sets from Wyrd that could take you down a very different route when it comes to painting and hobby?

Drop your thoughts below...

"This is a great way of bringing the Fae vibes into your games of Malifaux..."

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