Wyrd Games Go Hunting In Malifaux For January 2023

January 16, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has a few releases popping up to start the year and get you excited for more Malifaux in 2023. The first of the miniatures for January is one of the new Iconic miniatures for the Malifaux range, The Fae Queen.

The Fae Queen - Malifaux

The Fae Queen // Malifaux

Each of the Iconic sets that has been created by Wyrd comes with a large-scale version of one of the characters from Malifaux's myths and legends. In this case, it is the Iconic version of Titania. It really is an amazing miniature and showcases that link towards wild nature that you'd expect from someone called Titania.

As well as the Iconic miniature which is pretty big, you also get a version of the character that can be used in Malifaux. You can impress your friends with a big painting project and then doom them when she shows up on the tabletop!

Deadly Hunters

The next of the boxed sets is a neat set to get you going in the game. Here we have Survival Of The Fittest which seems to have found its way into a 2023 release.

Survival Of The Fittest - Malifaux NEW

Survival Of The Fittest // Malifaux

This set comes with the deadly Lord Cooper, Huntmaster who has his bow at the ready in order to take down his foes. You also get Marcus, loping forward through the wilderness to hunt down his prey. Last but not least, you also get two Empyrean Eagles that are going to be swooping forth, ready to peck and scratch at your foes as they run for cover.

The fun characters of Malifaux are one of the main reasons to check out the game and give it a shot. It helps that mechanically, the game is also a great romp and plays very differently from a lot of other games out there. The new ways to customise your force and tinker with your Masters also helps with the fun factor.

Could you be tempted to dive into Malifaux in 2023?

"You can impress your friends with a big painting project and then doom them when she shows up on the tabletop!"

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