It’s Alive! Stunning Rotten Harvest Set From Wyrd For Malifaux!

October 30, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been celebrating the spooky season with a rather wonderful new Rotten Harvest Set that you can pick up for a limited time. If you've not already scooped it up, you'll want to get your hands on It's Alive!

Rotten Harvest Its Alive - Malifaux

Rotten Harvest "It's Alive" // Malifaux

This new set is one of their awesome preassembled plastic sets which can be used as replacement miniatures for some of the Resurrectionists range. Here's some of the background around this Hammer Horror themed set!

"Descend into the twisted realms of academia as Prof. Von Schtook, the mad genius of Malifaux, unveils his Rotten Harvest Laboratory - where brilliance merges with lunacy, and invention teeters on the brink of monstrosity."

This set comes with some lovely miniatures that can be painted up in whichever style you see fit but I have to say, the black and white vibe (which you'll see below) looks amazing and is certainly something I'd like to see other people attempt.

Rotten Harvest Its Alive Contents - Malifaux

Rotten Harvest "It's Alive" Contents // Malifaux

Each of the miniatures in the set look absolutely gorgeous and I am particularly taken with the look of Eyegor and The Bride. I think they look suitably tied into the Malifaux vibe whilst also giving me proper classic movie vibes too.

Rotten Harvest Its Alive Miniatures - Malifaux

Rotten Harvest "It's Alive" Miniatures // Malifaux

Dr Frank N Steen counts as Professor Von Schtook, the Bride counts as Anna Lovelace and The Creature counts as The Valedictorian in your games.

The Creature - Malifaux

The Creature // Malifaux

Eyegore counts as the humble Research Assistance (which makes sense!) and the Misfits (of which you get three) count as Undergraduates. This seems like a perfectly themed set and I could see a lot of folks picking this up for use in their games of Malifaux.

The Bride - Malifaux

The Bride // Malifaux

This might also be a great way for you to pick up some miniatures just for the joy of painting. As I mentioned, it would be great to see someone paint up these miniatures in the black and white style. It would also be great to see someone painting these up in line with something bright, poppy and colourful! Get those Pixar vibes in the mix!

Will you be scooping up this new set for Halloween from Wyrd Games?

"This might also be a great way for you to pick up some miniatures just for the joy of painting..."

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