Malifaux Goes Medieval As 2022 Nightmare Editions Announced!

July 21, 2022 by fcostin

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We are approaching Gen Con at pace meaning Wyrd are going to be making its incredible sale available to the public. This means offering up some new alternate models in upcoming Nightmare Edition boxes and a new 'Miss' figure making her flaming debut at the event. After heading underwater last year with Deepest Depths, things will be getting all medieval over at Wyrd for Gen Con.

Wyrd Games Nightmare Edition - The Fallen Kingdom // Wyrd Games

If you love the whimsical and wonderful nature of the beings that dwell in Malifaux, there are so many different alternatives to help tailor your crews out on the table. Although Malifaux is already themed in a weird fantasy way, we're taking to the walls of a stronghold atop a roaring steed, wielding axe and bow in the upcoming limited edition boxes.

With three boxes incoming in total, The Fallen Kingdom will be stocked with seven different models and be the main feature set of Gen Con. This brings a new look to those sharing the Augmented keyword:

Fallen Kingdom Nightmare Edition 2022 Preview - Wyrd Games

Fallen Kingdom Nightmare Edition 2022 Preview // Wyrd Games

"Emaciated Hollow Fiends fly overhead instead of Watchers. Joss and Melissa K.O.R.E. are represented by the colossal Porphyrion and the elegant Weeping Huntress, respectively. Little Stiltzkin has replaced the Mechanical Attendant, though we’re sure he’ll receive just as much love. Leading this force is Charles Hoffman, Inventor’s alternate, Lord Galehault, Fallen Prince. This is the first time we’ve included Titles in the Nightmare Editions, so you can bring either version of the Guild’s beloved engineer onto the field." - Wyrd Games


Legend Reforged Nightmare Box 2022 // Wyrd Games

Alongside The Fallen Kingdom Box, there will also be a second option to pick up at the event to extend the keywords and theme further in Legend Reforged. This includes a savage Galvanic Wyrm stepping in as an alt for a Peacekeeper and the noble Lord Galehault - because we certainly needed a gorgeous knight and steed on the table!


The Walking Fortress Nightmare Edition 2022 // Wyrd Games

If you cannot get enough of these medieval fantasy-themed Wyrd characters, the fun will not stop at Gen Con. Also announced, there will be another set available during Wyrd's Black Friday Sale. This adds these bulky Juggernauts, The Walking Fortress, into the fray this Autumn as alt Riotbreakers.

Wyrd Games Miss Model 2022 // Wyrd Games

The final model to be headed to Gen Con is of course the event-exclusive miniature, bringing a flaming Carlos Vasques alt with Miss Tique. She has been added as a bonus to the Wyrd online store as part of the event so if you are treating yourself to some Wyrd and wonderful goods over the event - she'll be added free for each $100 you spend.

Available both online and at the event, the sale will begin on August the 3rd and run all the way up to the 7th. Wyrd sales are always dangerous territory for me... there is such a wide selection of Alt models now available, that it's hard to not collect more Teddy and Unicorn minis!

What do you think of the upcoming limited edition Nightmare sets for 2022? 

"If you cannot get enough of these medieval fantasy-themed Wyrd characters, the fun will not stop at Gen Con..."

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