Grab New Boxes For Malifaux’s The Bayou In February

January 26, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been previewing what's coming up over the next few months for their games. Malifaux is, as always, front and centre and there are two boxed sets coming in February for those playing games as The Bayou's Gremlins.

Clampetts Core Box - Malifaux

Clampetts Core Box // Malifaux

The first is a Core Box for The Bayou comes with a whole host of fun miniatures for you to use when ambushing your foes. You've got The Champetts, the Fisherfolk, on the back of that strange swamp beast and they are then backed up by Aunty Mel and the lovable Bruce. You've then got three Skulker Skins that will be doing just that, skulking.

It's a fun set that does what the Gremlins do best. You've got all of those awesome mean, green vibes but there's also a dose of comedy to them as well. I wouldn't laugh at them though as they'll probably take you down quickly and easily!

As well as the Clampetts, we also have the In The Saddle set which expands the options for these Anglers. This set comes with the massive Uncle Bogg who is riding another wild swamp beast!

In The Saddle - Malifaux

In The Saddle // Malifaux

Keeping the fun going, there is also a set of three Buckaroos which look like they are going to be incredibly fun to paint. I think you could do some amazing paint jobs on those newt-like creatures using a mix of lurid colours and then contrast them with the greens of the Gremlins.

Do you think that you could find yourself diving into Malifaux in 2023 and picking up The Bayou as your faction?

Drop your thoughts below!

"It's a fun set that does what the Gremlins do best..."

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