Tell Legendary Stories With Malifaux In The Month Of May

May 10, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games have some more awesome releases for you to delve into for the month of May. Malifaux gets two new boxed sets for its 32mm scale skirmish game plus there is also a new expansion for those wanting to get more from Bayou Bash.

Seashells By The Swampshore Cover - Malifaux

Seashells By The Swampshore // Malifaux

The first of the sets is for folks hanging out in the Bayou and features the new character of Sir Vantes who is hanging out with two Hermits. You get some neat snail-based mounted characters for you to add into the mix who are going to either do some jousting or do a spot of fishing.

Seashells By The Swampshore - Malifaux

Seashells By The Swampshore // Malifaux

With all manner of strange contraptions on the tops of the shells for the Hermits and a very characterful leader figure, this seems like a solid set for those seeking to bulk out their Bayou force. I absolutely love how inventive the sculptors are for Malifaux. It produces so many quirky miniatures for hobbyists to play around with.

The second of the boxed sets for the month of May is Legendary Stories which focuses on the Asian-inspired Ten Thunders.

Legendary Stories Cover - Malifaux

Legendary Stories // Malifaux

This set focuses on some mystical and folklore stories from Vietnam, China and Japan. You've got Thánh Gióng, Raijin and then the one that most people will know, Sūn Wùkōng. I would heartily recommend that you go and do a quick search for these different characters to learn a bit more about them!

Legendary Stories - Malifaux

Legendary Stories // Malifaux

The miniatures look absolutely gorgeous and seem like they would be both a challenge and a pleasure to paint. The Iron Horse of Thánh Gióng is particularly nice and mirrors the statue of him in real life. Raijin also looks super powerful and as if he is about to utterly smite someone into a pile of dust. Last but not least, Sūn Wùkōng is cool whatever game he's in!

Bayou Bash - Hog Wild

The month of May is also a chance for you to get your hands on the new Bayou Bash expansion, Hog Wild.

Bayou Bash Hog Wild - Wyrd Games

Bayou Bash: Hog Wild // Wyrd Games

Bayou Bash: Hog Wild offers up some new options for playing games of Bayou Bash. You get four new racers, new events, new terrain and more. You will need the core game of Bayou Bash for you to use this but it should mean that you can engage in even more chaos with more players than ever before. A solid option for those folks seeking a game to play in between their bigger-scale tabletop bouts.

Will you be taking a closer look at the May offerings from Wyrd?

"This set focuses on some mystical and folklore stories from Vietnam, China and Japan..."

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