The Big Bad Wolf Comes To Malifaux For The Month Of July

July 14, 2022 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been showing off some of the brand new miniatures that are landing during the month of July. We start with some Twisted Alternatives for use with Malifaux and the Big Bad Wolf!

To Grandmothers House We Go - Malifaux

To Grandmother's House We Go // Malifaux

The first of these sets is To Grandmother's House We Go. This introduces two alternative miniatures for you to use in your games but with a fairy tale twist. The Big Bad Wolf is a replacement for The Beast Within whilst Little Red takes the place of Ferdinand Vogel.

I love the story told here between the pair and whilst they are going to be fun for gameplay, I think they would also be good for a diorama somewhere. I wonder who you could use as the Woodcutter?

The next of the Twisted Alternatives is Don't Worry Be Zappy.

Dont Worry Be Zappy - Malifaux

Don't Worry Be Zappy // Malifaux

Another very fun miniature steps into the breach to offer up something fun to paint. In this case, we have Dr Lovebomb who can be used as an alternative to Captain Zipp. You can have a lot of fun with the miniature, especially when it comes to painting the smoke and fire coming from the back of the bomb.

New Boxed Sets

As well as the two Twisted Alternatives, there are also three boxed sets that you can snap up for use with Malifaux.

Showdown - Malifaux

Showdown // Malifaux

Navigating Chaos - Malifaux

Navigating Chaos // Malifaux

Trade Secrets - Malifaux

Trade Secrets // Malifaux

The offerings for the month of July include Showdown, Navigating Chaos and Trade Secrets. This gives you a couple of different options for playing some of your favourite characters with updated and pretty awesome plastic miniatures.

I think my favourite of the sets is probably Showdown as it comes with three awesome gunslingers. I have always liked the idea of kick-ass cowboys and outlaws in a Pulpy and weird setting. Malifaux has that in spades!

What's Coming In August?

With the July releases out in the wild, watch out for more when August roles around too!

August Releases - Wyrd Miniatures

August Releases // Wyrd Games

Which of the new releases for Malifaux are you going to be picking up? I know a lot of folks will be snapping up those Twisted Alternatives right now online or perhaps at GenCon in the near future.

Are you tempted to snap these up?

"This introduces two alternative miniatures for you to use in your games but with a fairy tale twist..."

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