Take More Journeys With Vagrantsong: Encore Expansion

February 7, 2023 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been chatting about a new expansion to their hit board game from last year, Vagrantsong. Heading out on even more journeys, your travellers will be diving into more spooky scenarios with Vagrantsong: Encore.

Vagrant Song Encore - Wyrd Games

Vagrantsong: Encore // Wyrd Games

Vagrantsong is a cooperative board game where you play as Vagrants who travel the rails of North America, dealing with lingering spirits known as Haints. Set out over the course of a full campaign, you'll find yourself dealing with all sorts of different Haints in a boss-battler-style board game whilst also trying to keep your own soul from being dragged off into the shadow.

In Vagrantsong: Encore, your Vagrants are heading even further west and encountering more folklore fiends from the tales of North America and Canada. In particular, Vagrantsong: Encore has you heading off to cross the Bridge Of Leaves.

Dungarvon - Vagrant Song Encore

Dungarvon Whooper // Vagrantsong: Encore

For example, you might bump into the Dungarvon Whooper and see if you can stomach what he serves up when he gets cooking! The Encore expansion comes with five new scenarios in total which you can dive into after you've finished Vagrantsong or you can play this in the midst of your continuing campaign. Lots of different scenarios are included that will provide you with additional challenges that you've not encountered before.

Runaway - Vagrant Song Encore

Runaway // Vagrantsong: Encore

For example, maybe you'll dive into one of the Save Your Soul scenarios where you'll have to try and stop yourselves from being taken away by the Silver Ferryman forever. There is a benefit to this challenge though as you'll unlock more secrets and abilities to help your Vagrant in future scenarios.

There is also going to be a new mode of play called Off The Rails which will make your campaign harder (if you breezed through the core box!). There is also the Short Trip mode which allows you to play out a condensed campaign, particularly good if you've not got the time to play over the course of months and want to fit it into a long weekend with friends.

There is a lot more for you to dive into with this packed expansion for Vagrantsong. Make sure to check out the blog post HERE and maybe sign up to be one of Wyrd's Playtesters!

Will you be checking out more from Vagrantsong?

"The Encore expansion comes with five new scenarios..."

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