Incoming Riotous Expansion For Bayou Bash In Hog Wild

May 12, 2022 by fcostin

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Last year, there was a little hint over on Waldo's Weekly that there was a new Bayou Bash expansion on the way from Wyrd. Confirmed this week, the gremlin-centric race of chaos and dangers will be getting a new expansion.

There will be new racers, some new obstacles on the way to cause more chaos, upgrades to further customise the track and new modes to throw yourself into, in Bayou Bash: Hog Wild.

Bayou Bash - Hog Wild

Bayou Bash: Hog Wild Expansion Preview // Wyrd Games

If you have never played Bayou Bash before, 2-4 players will make their way around a track, perched upon a faithful yet unpredictable "steed" - but these mounts are slightly on the irregular side.  Whether that be atop a featherless rooster, hyper-aggressive pig, unstable Rabbit, or staggering Waldgeist.

By the roll of the dice, players will traverse to diehard fans that are present only to show their appreciation. The goal of the game is to earn the most popularity, picking up fans along the way, and attempting to stay on the track whilst being battered and knocked by opponents on the same mission.

The crowds have been roaring over in the Bayou, inspiring new racers to test fate on the track. Learning from the current state of the madness, they have taken to their own engineering to avoid the current dangers ahead.

Toad Twins Preview - Bayou Bash Expansion

Toad Twins Preview // Bayou Bash: Hog Wild Expansion

First up. the Toad Twins; bringing a smoother ride across the track, putting Staggering to the back of mind with a bit of slippery insurance.  This slippery character will flex their abilities to finesse their way out of trouble, putting safety first (those little frogs look happy... right?) the Toad Twins can also work with the new terrain to their advantage.

Whiskey Gamin Preview - Bayou Bash Hog Wild

Whiskey Gamin Preview // Bayou Bash: Hog Wild Expansion

The Whiskey Gamin has found strength in the track too, with the chance to weaponize the barrels that lay wake on the path. A true artform of gremlin-redneck mechanics. Taking the full offence in bullying other quirky characters on the track, the Whiskey Gamin does all the battery - the driver can simply sit back and enjoy their suspicious tea to watch the carnage unfold.

There are still two racers yet to be confirmed heading way to the expansion... prepare to expect the dangerously unexpected. I am guessing that we might be looking at the two racers on the artwork cover?

Swamp Spring Terrain Preview - Bayou Bash Hog Wild

Swamp Spring Terrain Preview // Bayou Bash: Hog Wild

Alongside the new racers, Wyrd has confirmed some new terrain to place on the riotous pathway. Bringing two new objects to interact with during the race, adding swamp springs which will plummet a player one space into an additional direction. Allowing players to strategize their path and hope the roll goes in their favour.

Mysterious Mushroom - Bayou Bash Hog Wild

Mysterious Mushroom // Bayou Bash: Hog Wild

There is also an addition of a Mysterious Mushroom, which will provide all players with a random reward which lays under the terrain tile. As the tile has been turned, all players will benefit.

The upcoming expansion is set to be released this summer, but Wyrd has promised to release more information on the leadup. Including a look at the two remaining racers joining the fray and changes to game modes, which can take the player count up from 4 to 8!

I really love Bayou Bash from Wyrd, acting as a great expansion to visit the strange and unusual lands of the Bayou. Meeting their mad inhabitants, and their wild antics in a whimsical riotous death race.

Are you looking forward to Bayou Bash: Hog Wild? 

"The crowds have been roaring over in the Bayou, inspiring new racers to test fate on the track."

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