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Getting Into MERCS


To round off what has been a fantastic week of MERCS fun this article is going to take you step by step through the MERCS experience.

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 5


As a last little extra for the end of Mercs week Romain has brought out his USCR Commisar to add a killer snow base.

Mercs Intro Game 3 – Multi Level Battle – Australian Terra-forming Research Base


MERCS Week is coming to an end but Warren wants to get one more game in before the end. It's time for battle to rage in an abandoned Australian research center Todays forces facing off against each other are the Kemvar and the Keizai Waza. Who will win?

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 4


Romain Finishes the paint work on what has to one of the best tutorials we have ever done here on Beasts of War.

Blasting Charges Set As The CCC Breacher Comes To MERCS!


It's time to end MERCS week with a big, fairly impressive explosion! The MERCS CCC Breacher is now available from their webstore and he is ready to cause some seriously damage.

Mercs: ISS Faction Interview


We get the inside track on the ISS with another interview with the creators of MERCS.

Mercs: USCR Faction Interview


Heavy armour & loads of fire-power, the USCR are Russians just the way we like 'em!

Mercs: Texico Faction Interview


We get the guys form Mercs Minis on skype for an interview about the Texico faction from their great game MERCS.

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 3


Romain moves on to the next stage of his USCR Commissar. This time he deepens the level of shading. Note: Audio problem now resolved!

Use a Mercs Week Badge for 5 Prize Draw Entries


Use one of these badges on your website to get 5 entries for our Mercs prize draws.

MERCS Intro Game 2 – Attack On South African Villa – Villa Raid


Warren's adventures in the world of MERCS continue! Considering the outcome of his CCC assault on the lower town he's been forced to call in reinforcements to aid in the attempt to capture the Sedafu scientist.

***All Gone*** Time Limited Mercs Mega Bundles!


***All Gone!*** As it's Mercs Week we have been working with our partner Wayland Games to come up with 2 great bundles to celebrate.

Mercs: FCC Faction Interview


Andy and Darrell get to grips with the FCC, the anti-Mega-con faction of MERCS. These guys are made up of all the disenfranchised workers from the other corporations and can even hire out a black ops team member from the other factions! What do you think?

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 2


The USCR Commissar is really starting to take shape as Romain starts on the next stage of this painting tutorial. He adds levels of shading and starts on the metal sections of the miniature.

Mercs: Kemvar Faction Interview


The guys have a look at those sneaky Brazilians the Kemvar. These stealthy killers look to be a good starting faction for anyone thinking of getting into MERCS, but will you be joining their corporation and hiring them?

Mercs: Sefadu Faction Interview


The guys take a look at the Sefadu faction for MERCS. These up close and personal soldiers from Africa look to be ready to roll out on the battlefield and lay some serious smack down to all the other Factions. So what do you think guys, do they suit your play style?

Mercs Intro Game 1 – Attack On South African Villa – Clear the Streets Part 1


Warren gets his first taste of Mercs gameplay with our special guest for the week Lucas one of the Mercs Black Ops team. This first mission centers around a small town guarded by the forces of the Sedafu.

Mercs Intro Game 1 – Attack On South African Villa – Clear the Streets Part 2


Now for the Conclusion of Warren's first game of Mercs. It's been one hell of a fight so far but will he win or will his CCC fall to the mighty Sedafu?

Mercs: CCC Faction Interview


Darrell and Andy sit down with the MERCS guys for the first of our chats about the background and style of each faction. Today it's the mighty CCC, but will they become your faction?

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 1


Romain breaks out his master painting kung fu to paint up one of the USCR minis from Mercs. In this one we see the beginnings of the base colours for this kick ass future warrior.

Welcome to MERCS Week!


We gear up to bring another fantastic themed week here on Beasts of War. We'll be having demo games, painting tutorials and faction introduction videos galore to help you get started with the great game of MERCS! So stay tuned, drop a comment and enjoy!

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