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3DG Announces ModCube 2.0 Is Headed To Kickstarter Soon


3DG has been quietly been working away on a revamped ModCube, and it's pretty awesome. ModCube 2.0 will be heading to Kickstarter soon with their streamlined, easier to modify token solution!

Keep Track Of Your Deadzone Effects With The Custom ModCube Set


ModCube has just added a set of tokens to make the Deadzone folks really excited! These futuristic cubes not only Command cube options, but provide Equipment Crates complete with Loot Tokens!

ModCube Launches Custom Game Cube Option


Are you playing a game that uses a variety of tokens? Would you like to keep those tokens handy and more organized? ModCube can tailor their ingenious token cubes to suit whatever game you're playing with their new custom cube option.

Ten Holiday Season Gifts For Tabletop Gamers!


Some of the team have put together a few suggestions for what we think might be good stocking fillers, new year bargains or indeed full on presents for tabletop gamers this holiday season...

The ModCube Store Is Live & Ready To Change The Way You Use Tokens


The innovative ModCube is finally available through a webstore. Now gamers can change up the way they use tokens by customizing these cubes to suit whatever games they enjoy.

Last Minute Additions For ModCube Kickstarter As It Enters Last Days


Just in case you needed more reasons to back the ModCube project on Kickstarter, 3DG has offered more options to bring you over! The Game Creator, new and improved Warmachine/Hordes, Dry Erase cube options and even Imperial Assault!

Fantastic Token Options Keep Coming For The ModCube Kickstarter


If you're looking for a way to simplify the tokens required in your games, then look no further than the ModCube! This clever Kickstarter from 3DG offers the perfect solution to this problem-versatile enough for many, many games, and sturdy enough to throw in your dice bag and get playing!

ModCube Added Tokens For Another Out of This World Game


The ModCube project is moving right long on Kickstarter, tightening up the fittings on the cube and adding more great options for game systems. This week they've added tokens for Star Wars Armada.

Customize Abilities & Actions With 3DG ModCube Kickstarter


Now you can combine your most used gaming tokens into one, clever, customizable cube with the ModCube by 3DG on Kickstarter right now! The ModCube allows you the flexibility to change your tokens according to your gaming needs.

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