3DG Announces ModCube 2.0 Is Headed To Kickstarter Soon

August 29, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Hopefully, you remember the fantastic ModCube that we discovered at Adepticon a couple years ago. They were interchangeable cubes to use in place of individual tokens that you could customize according to specific games.


They were pretty awesome...but they're about to get even better!


We've kept in touch with 3DG and they've announced they will be returning to Kickstarter very soon with ModCube 2.0. This updated version of the ModCube has taken the brilliant idea, streamlined it and made it even easier to use.


2.0 features a 16mm cube- the same as a standard die, as opposed to the original 19mm size. This new cube has done away with the exterior supports to hold the individual token pieces within the cube by incorporating magnets. Now it's even easier to customize your ModCube by simply popping the different tokens on and off.

The tokens themselves have a thin magnetic layer on their backing to secure them to the cube- and don't you worry, all the magnetic faces are north, so the cubes are not attracted to one another (in fact they repel).


Just think of a number of tokens you could consolidate with the use of ModCubes. No more digging through bags of tokens to find the ones you need. You can tailor your cubes to the game you're playing and off you go!


3DG will have an assortment of token sets including X-Wing.


Stay tuned for much more from them as they lead into the Kickstarter.

What do you think of these new and improved ModCubes?

"3DG will have an assortment of token sets including X-Wing..."

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