5E-Based Odyssey Of The Dragonlords Available For Free!

February 22, 2019 by brennon

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James Ohlen and Jesse Sky alongside Drew Karpyshyn who were old hands at BioWare (yes, that BioWare) have joined forces to create Odyssey Of The Dragonlords, a new world supplement for the 5E Dungeons & Dragons system and it's available for free.

Odyssey of the Dragonlords - Player's Guide

Odyssey of the Dragonlords builds on the Greek-inspired world of Thylea, throwing you into a world which is full of Amazonians, Centaurs, Satyrs and of course as the name might suggest, Dragons.

Includes in the free Player's Guide you'll find a look over the history, factions, kingdoms and laws of Thylea whilst also learning about a new pantheon of gods, titans and the Dragonlords from the game's title.

Odyssey Of The Dragonlords Players Guide (Art) - Modiphius

As well as that you'll get new races like the ones I mentioned above with Centaurs and Satyrs joining the roster plus additional class backgrounds and such which give you a flavour of the kind of heroes you find in this world.

Tying things into the theme of Greek mythology the team has also worked on a set of Epic Paths which will be a guide and motivator for your character as they become a central figure in the ongoing story of this world.

I've had a look over the PDF and it seems splendid. The artwork is great and the layout is super easy to read through and absorb. I love what they're doing here as they build on Greek mythology with an additional Fantasy twist.

A Campaign Guide is also coming so watch out for that with an expected arrival date of May 2019.

Will you be giving this a go?

"...you'll get new races like the ones I mentioned above with Centaurs and Satyrs joining the roster"

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